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Dawlish News

@Brooklyn Bridge - thankyou for the info. thefts seem to have got so bad in the co op. I happened to notice they had a couple of burly security guards by the tills/booze a few days ago.

27 Jun 2017

@Brooklyn Bridge - !

26 Jun 2017

@flo - can you please explain what you define as a kid, because from my observations kids up to ages of 16 have been congregating on the lawn and the cove for many years now, sometimes still in school uniform. drinking and being verbally abusive. it doesn't mean all kids in dawlish are like this, just a minority. i respect your opinion, but please respect others on this forum as well.

26 Jun 2017

It's all been said before on this site, but I will say it again:- Expensive cctv installed and not used to its potential, if at all. Kid's in large groups drinking alcohol, shouting and swearing on The Lawn and the Cove. Dawlish drinking club drinking alcohol/drugs, camping out on The Lawn/Cove. Satellite police station closed down on The Lawn, not that it was ever used to its ...

@Stark Ross -  uhm! in the article they also say that the fleet is 36 and then later they say it is 93.

18 Jun 2017

Time will tell, but I doubt it unless it has been designed as a submersible train.

Politicians and promises, the only thing you can be sure will definetly happen will be:- Higher salaries, year on year, for the m.p's no matter how badly the economy is doing. Increases in v.a.t/taxes for the working/middle classes. Minimum wage going up by pennies relative to cost of living. Degredation of what is left of our armed forces/emergency services/N.H.S. Continued ...

Plenty of houses along that road already and one that is right on the edge above Coryton Cove, a load of hype about nothing. If I'm reading it right the application was submitted Dec 2014 with a target date of 16/05/2017. Only one objection to this planning request by one of their neighbours. If you take into account some of the planning applications, that were not inkeeping with their ...

The attached article highlights the reason why crime is so rife. A judicial system that lacks any backbone to dish out relevant sentences. The best part being he may well be residing back in Dawlish, again, really. I certainly would not want him living near me. Additional info:- ...

Not exactly breaking news considering the theft took place on the 10th March. I did not realise that Dawlish News is a monthy rag.

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