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A kilo and smokes 40 spliffs a day. The good old uk justice system at its best.

It needs a letter of no confidence in the entire government system. Not just a silly puppet of a prime minister in the pantomime we call parliament.

I see that Teignbridge decided to not do the run and then just delete it off their schedule. Now have to wait until the 14/01/22, but they still expect their money for the yearly rental of my 2 green bins. Checky fockas.

Teignpot, ha, ha, ha, ha......baaaaaa, baaaaaa, oh dear! that was a good one.

1 Jan 2022

Are Pfizer and Moderna misleading the public about the efficacy of their COVID vaccines by withholding the fact that there’s another way to parse their data — one that has more real-world significance? In 1954, writer and repentant cigarette industry lobbyist Darrell Huff wrote the best-selling book , “How to Lie with Statistics,” with the aim of teaching the general public how to decode ...

Dawlish Waterfowl
29 Nov 2021


The blind leading the blind comes to mind. What are they probationers or students? It will be like watching a bunch of zombies wandering around. It's about the only time you will ever see copper's in Dawlish who stick around for more than a minute as well.

Oh dear the colour of my skin stops me being successful, baaaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaaa, snoooooooore.

Wait for all the ignorant cyclists and skateboarders to start flying up and down the smooth concrete.

Roll up, roll up get your free jab here, ha,ha,ha.

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