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Dawlish News

Supposedly the CO OP was broken into last night, but the coppers did not even turn up, I suppose they had better things to do!

Dear me, it's like been given a choice of apples but they are all moldy.

The reason why has so few participants these days.

Truss will say anything to get what SHE wants. If you trust what a politician says then there is no hope for you!

From the pictures it looks like a ZJ118 with BERP IV composite blades.

Nice size plot, I expect it will be snatched up by a developer to build on. Doubt the house and grounds will be there for long. Also it states in the Dawlish Gazette that it has planning approval for an additional four bed building, although no mention of this on the Teignbridge planning site! £1,200,000 sounds a bit excessive considering it's in Dawlish. I can think of a lot more affluent ...

lib-dems the biggest in joke in Parliament, experts say, ha,ha.

What amazes me more than anything is there was a police car in Dawlish willing to actually stop in the town. A rare occurrence to be sure.

The government wont be happy until every emergency service is placed in a few central hubs with zero satellite support locations and then it will all be auctioned off to private enterprise to the highest bidder, in my opinion. Just look at how the police force in Devon has slowly been taken away from rural locations. Same seems to go for Banking as well.

A kilo and smokes 40 spliffs a day. The good old uk justice system at its best.

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