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Air bills?

Yes, I'd 'bet' on it, I have a 'gutt feeling' about this. i'm being very subjective. Have you got a weight problem? I didn't write the comment about anti-cyclists being fat arsed burger munchers. Although that 'seemed' to touch a nerve. And if you want to be pedantic about wording. Why do you think subjective comments aren't 'valid' on this thread? Who wrote that they're not ...

10 Jul 2015

@ Burnside I do beg your pardon! Not 'all' just 'a sustantial number'. Though I bet you think they're all idiots really, you seem that sort of person. I do wish you knew the difference between fact and opinion.

10 Jul 2015

@ Burnside I never said subjective comments weren't valid. I gave my opinion of your miserable posts, That's subjective and valid in my humble opinion. "cyclists ignoring red lights, riding on pavements, and cycling the wrong way along one-way" That's against the law, there you were being factual. Thinking they're all idiots in the cycling fraternity is subjective, It is your ...

10 Jul 2015

@ Burnside No, your comment was subjective.

10 Jul 2015

@ Fred, were they riding bmx doing jumps, etc, on mountain bikes, or were they on the road hogging the lane? Just trying to picture it. @ Burnside, that's subjective, my opinion of your posts is that you rarely have any positive experiences with other human beings.

10 Jul 2015

That's right Fred, tarnish the whole cycling community with the same brush, they don't sound like cyclists, just idiots on bikes. Have a good weekend on your stake out.

Thanks Lynne, all very vague isn't it. We know Cllr Wrigley has a 'strong preference', if it refers to the poll, then that was a sham. I wouldn't mind if CRA and the whole process were democratic, they're not though. If he hasn't got enough signatures by now will he?

9 Jul 2015

Lynne, I'll start another thread. Who knows who is on the CRA, who it represents, etc. It's hard to find any contact other than Cllr Wrigley. yes he was democratically elected, but if he now is fully behind Dawlish then surely continuing the break away parish campaign is conflict of interest as he now serves all those in the Central and NE ward. Which hat does he wear? Chair of CRA which was ...

Dawlish CT bands relating to different property sizes, etc are among the highest in Teignbridge, if Cockwood forms an independent parish and has a lower CT (even though it was probably just rhetoric to gain votes), would that mean Dawlish would have a higher CT? I doubt it'd happen but a Councillor who campaigns for preferential treatment for those in the village where they reside and not for ...