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FFS why pay to give someone your green material and then buy it off them again a year or two later as compost? It's not green waste - they're nutrients return them to your garden. No need for middle-men. Just use your green bin as a composter, piss in it occasionally or look on You Tube for DIY composting. In days gone by, people had 'compost heaps'. Wow - no bin needed! But you ...

Teignbridge District Council will consider the tendering process based primarily on an economic basis. As if any factor other than economics comes into it. They cannot be seen to be postively discriminating in favour of locals. agree with it or not that's part of being in an open market. It doesn't care much for local community. The same logic could be applied to the new developments, ...

@Lynne In Dawlish NE perhaps the 2 Lib dem Councillors are swimming against the electoral tide, but overall in Dawlish aren't there only 3 Lib dem Councillors? So this reflects their poor national Lib Dem result. Perhaps the Warren Farm campaign did work then, after all they had little else to campaign on. They're now campaigning for an alternative SANGS, but won't that just affect ...

5 Aug 2015

Thanks Burnside. I read the post. Why is Mrs C.Our Soul changing their username so important? I agree with Mcjrpc, life must be dull for some.

4 Aug 2015

Which post?

3 Aug 2015

Our Cuncillors. It was in the Gazette a few weeks ago, we discussed it on here. Wrigley upset some of his colleagues. Maybe the threats to sue weren't folllowed up.

3 Aug 2015

Aren't they in the process of suing each other for slander?

@Netiquette , you're right, not everyone. @HuwMatthews2 ,  I take the school comment back, it didn't make much sense anyway. I hadn't realized World Daw 3 was going on in here.

17 Jul 2015

If someone trolls me expect a reaction. I thought my posts were easy to follow. I was refering to Judith Chalmers the presenter, not anybody else. I was being humorous. Everyone seems so uptight on this site.

17 Jul 2015

because I've seen her on the TV