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Cosy.......?you couldn't swing a cat in there it's so small just what dawlish needs another cafe,.......,

Just so there's no ambiguity what does the term "flicking a fag"  mean.? don't want to fall foul of the PC police.

Sounds like a great opportunity for the government to introduce more stealth taxes. Why not just ban smoking, industry, cows farting, cars, and we can all sign up for digitas

Personally I blame the bloody Romans coming over here and building roads and aqua ducts,  introducing laws and currency when we were quite happy running about the forests and drinking water from puddels.

Any chance I can read these books after working up the chimney.......?

utter rubbish

3 Jul 2018

" Another doomsayer "  you dont know what the outcome will be so dont peddle this rubbish.

danny dyer "political scientist"  ? Ihopefully I take it you are being sarcastic.....the guy cannot even speak english. Why do we listen to these  non-entities just becase they are alledged "tv stars" Opinions are like ars*h*les everyones got one

What? is he white, a brexiteer who supports stopping immigration.?

I'll give you a clue this is a discussion site, so when you next get out of school try and put together some constructive comment either way. It will stand you in good stead when you grow up.