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Some might also say they should look elsewhere to build the houses.

15 Apr 2021

why blame the landowner ? if its his land then its his right to do what he will with it. The more serious issue is probably the council want money from the developer but couch it in terms of needing more houses built for the community.

14 Apr 2021

Council votes  to allow  felling of a 300 year old oak tree  to allow the construction of 20 houses in Starcross........................wonder how this sits with he £35k a year climate change officer at teignbridge  council

if you do know please apply to become a detective.....................

strange...they have plenty of outside space...perhaps making easy money from furlough

Too busy with lockdown issues... more fun patrolling the beaches

Surely the £35k a year climate change officer at teignbridge  council could enlighten you.

Council tax
17 Mar 2021

Another depressing day as the latest council tax leaflet drops through the door with the added glossy leaflet from lib Dems which must have cost a few bob. My favourite quote from Martin Wrigley "We know that many local residents struggle to make ends meet in the best of times and Teignbridge is doing the what it can to ease the pressure" Yes sure....above inflation rises,car parking increases, ...

Always remember folks....opinions are like ar*eho*es ...everybody''s got one.!!!

5 weeks...!!!!   gosh i bet he's shaking in his shoes.