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Dudley squat will happen as there is no money

Re: report the other day about police car having tyres slashed Wondered if they report that as crime, if Joe public had it done no police would be interested.still good to know that commissioner coward who locked his car in the stabbing murder of the lone policeman at Westminster has his 150k pension to look forward to.

19 Oct 2018

Can't believe these figures!!! crime commissioner and police chiefs always saying how good a job they are doing with reduced resources.

But as is the way these days the police will not count it as a crime.

Perhaps its seasick................

Funny how the guys that could make decisions for change when in power only say them after they have left office !!!!

- WARNING please note - form does not distinguish between park on the lawn and other suggestions e.g bicycle path and new bandstand, so if you agree with improvements  you are in fact condoning approval for playpark, so that statistically the outcome could be that  working group can say  a high percentage of people agreed with "improvements"

Cosy.......?you couldn't swing a cat in there it's so small just what dawlish needs another cafe,.......,

Just so there's no ambiguity what does the term "flicking a fag"  mean.? don't want to fall foul of the PC police.

Sounds like a great opportunity for the government to introduce more stealth taxes. Why not just ban smoking, industry, cows farting, cars, and we can all sign up for digitas