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How come Teignmouth can stage the airshow and Dawlish could not.?

@S As putin would now call you. another liberal snowflake....

Tory Leadership Vote
19 Jun 2019

Unless you are a card carrying Tory  theres no point in  discussing /watching because it's  them that will elect the leader.

lobotomy dems
15 Jun 2019

You could not make it up...the lib dems refuse 10k grant for the airshow as they have declared a "climate emergency" .It was said that Torbay got 160k visitors for the air show bringing in much needed cash for the area. Pity the poor spokesman in charge of tourism for Teignbridge trying to defend teignbridge decision. Dont the lib Dems realise they are only in power as a protest vote. Funny ...

majororp/lynne What has this to do with this topic.??? Majororp- you should start a new topic  header not just fire in something completely different to the topic being discussed.

11 Jun 2019

British government gives China £49.3million in foreign aid despite them having a space programme... and even Beijing can't understand why China became the first country to land a craft on the 'dark side' of the moon Beijing is planning a manned space station by 2022 as part of £3.9billion plans The probe is part of the Communist regime's plan to become a major power ...

11 Jun 2019

Following on from d-day where Theresa May said to the old soldiers "we owe you a debt we can never repay " well how about paying their tv licences !!!!  . Soldiers in thier 90s being made to pay for a tv licence by the cynical bbc. It was a  typical tory ploy to give the bbc the decision about licences for the over 75, so they could wash their hands of any outcry, Did they ever believe the bbc  ...

7 Jun 2019

@S " Flawed dogma" ?????   what are you now speaking for muslims??  who might not believe that it is flawed dogma.

Trump and Boro
7 Jun 2019

Scapegoat, Interesting to note what you will say if the" lame duck " wins a second term as currently predicted.

24 May 2019

Here's the crux of the matter " Anyone can laugh at whatever they want, entirely up to them. " Nuff said