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Prevention advice - get more bobbies on the beat,

broken glass on the road at the weekend as the under age drinkers and druggies trash the riverside centre - not bothered  about being caught as no police ever to patrol that area on fri/sat nights

As ever note the word" could" which along with "might" are used by newspapers to headline to get sales,. Best example from daily mail asteroid could hit earth etc,......don't always believe what you read in the national newspapers

9 May 2021

@Lynne , Part of this plan is to "borrow "money, whilst teignbridge keep telling the ratepayers the have no money for other services, Do not know where they get their -prices from probably boris johnson partner told them which shop to blow the money on. Revamp plans for Teignbridge's HQ backed in bid to cut carbon emissions Tuesday’s full council meeting saw councillors vote in ...

@deedoodle, Shame you didn't contact Alison Hernandaze as she would have investigated as it's voting time again she would probably forgo half of  her £80k salary  to place another Bobby on the beat........oh wait !! Didn't she get more money for that already

4 May 2021

if anyone has information on who these people were, please contact the police because there stealing our jobs

Gosh,  never knew that..............

@carer Got to look on the bright side from"our Alison"  saving money by employing an almost policeman Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) work with police officers and share some, but not all of their powers.

26 Apr 2021

Pity there isn't a box on the voting slip to vote none of the above candidates.............. and before someone says spoil your paper i don;t agrree with not voting

wish they had declared a pot hole emergency .............more woke stuff from councils