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Dawlish News

note to oursoul  - runners/bikers   condecending/condescending get my drift.

yes, that will worry the allblacks and aussies

davemcmorrow- yes your correct it was cyclists, i put in runners the gist of the issue being the times that the road was closed. note to oursoul - nobody likes a condecending smarta*s* ,

15 Sep 2015

leatash- yes,  that would have gone down well with the bus passengers ...... just hold on a couple of hours on  a bus with no toilet facilities, crying children  or trying to get to work...!!!!!!!  the bus company driver ( who had no knowledge of this event ) had to phone head office to contact police due to the backlog from irate bus passengers and mortorists, you cannotbe serious in comparing ...

14 Sep 2015

"problems at strarcross...!!!" -if my memory serves me correctly the police had to be called as the "stewards" refused to let any traffic pass, the queue was way past powderham caslle with buses who included irate passengers who were travelling,to work, people needing he toilet, etc. The road organistionwas   uttrer shambles asthe steard took the view tha this event was more important than orinary ...

Coming soon................ Volunteers to empty rubbish bins from the street to save the council money Volunteers to cut the grass in your  town  to save the council cost Volunteers to investigate burgarlies  because the police are short on manpower Volunteers to spy on all public acivities..............oh sorry we  already do that with the jobs worths for cars in starcross Feel ...

Horse manure
12 Jun 2015

Try the local conservatives..........................

I hope he does not get par doned

20 May 2015

He should get a least fore years for that.

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