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@Calamari 1- your getting off the subjest 2-"Silly Questions"  thankfully this man is not in power but were he to be elected he would hypothetically have his finger of the nucluear button.....sorry remove that he believes in world peace and the socialist ideals with heroes like stalin who you could argue killed more of his own people  than hitler.  T

30 Oct 2017

The significance is that his friends in in SF/IRA in Ireland would never wear a poppy so the obvious question is would he show solidarity with them by not wearing one or would he be hypocritical when he has supported these "freedom fighters" that have murdered British civilians and soldiers with cowardly attacks. T

30 Oct 2017

Question 1   Please ensure you have a return ticket. Question 2  Are there terriosts in North Devon, if not why visit? Question 3 Can we have  his plans  in writing .....Jeez hes a politican he will say anything to get votes. Question 4  Why is he and his party anti-semitic.? Question 5  Will he wear a poppy

Phew.!!!!..................I thought it said refugees at first...

re: monty's comment. The dawlish gazette and more especially the dawlish post are only there to show charity raising photos and other "good news". They have no backbone as regards stating an opionion about whats good for dawlish to ANY councilers or MPS probably because of potential loss of avdertising revenue. The "editor "only makes vague comments when it should be shouting fromthe rooftops  ...

Oh No !!!!!

2 Nov 2015

Had to laugh when listening to Police Commsioner suggesting a refendum to increase rates to keep more bobbies in a job. Here are some suggestions.- feel free to add your own. 1- Get rid of police commisioner, his wages wil employ a couple of bobbies. 2- Reduce the size of the police car fleet and get more police to actually walk the streets. 3- Don't botherto investigate any crime ...

What Police ???  They are still busy looking for a room to rent at the Manor after the station cuts. Can someone also lend them a car so that they can patrol  and possibly  a torch for nightshift. Yes obtain fake  note which the police will seize and you will be £20 out of pocket.

andysport et al - another example why inbreeding should be banned.

18 Sep 2015

note to oursoul  - runners/bikers   condecending/condescending get my drift.

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