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Dawlish News

"Terrifying"? If she has had no results after 10 days and she still feels ok it would suggest that she has not got it.

lib dem  summary,  please feel free to add as i have forgotten the others bin tax - said they were going to scrap if in power-did not. dog walking- 4 dogs at a time fiasco climate change- 35k job for a pen pusher newton says No - Never listen to the people sunday parking- how to shut down the high street reduction in services- cant cut grass but can afford to waste money on ...

28 Feb 2020

Someones got to pay the £35k pension  salary  for a pen pusher so why should the taxpayers be amazed. The lib dems must hold the record for shooting themselves in the foot after only being in office a short while. Anyway hope they enjoy the ride because they will be out at next election.

In america some states execute criminals so why not here.....your ststement does not stand up just because other countries do it does not mean we have to follow suit!!!!.  The labotomy dems are trying their best to screw teignbridge  into the ground with false promises and hair-brained schemes. Why do never hear the voices of the independent councilers on the teignbridge commitee rather than hooky ...

Suppose stories like this keep some people employed in the EA.

@margaret swift The object is inert.!!!!...wether it is nasty depends on the holder e.g thug or surgeon.

30 Nov 2019

Who writes these headlines? How can a knife be nasty, is this what passes as journalism these days?

Another photo op for a councillor, more interested in how they can justify a 35k wage for environmental officer when we are supposed to be strapped for cash.

What's this got to do with brexit.?

Am I missing something here? Would a service station not have CCTV so the car could be traced and the police could get involved in this dognapping

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