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Dawlish News

Phew.!!!!..................I thought it said refugees at first...

re: monty's comment. The dawlish gazette and more especially the dawlish post are only there to show charity raising photos and other "good news". They have no backbone as regards stating an opionion about whats good for dawlish to ANY councilers or MPS probably because of potential loss of avdertising revenue. The "editor "only makes vague comments when it should be shouting fromthe rooftops  ...

Oh No !!!!!

2 Nov 2015

Had to laugh when listening to Police Commsioner suggesting a refendum to increase rates to keep more bobbies in a job. Here are some suggestions.- feel free to add your own. 1- Get rid of police commisioner, his wages wil employ a couple of bobbies. 2- Reduce the size of the police car fleet and get more police to actually walk the streets. 3- Don't botherto investigate any crime ...

What Police ???  They are still busy looking for a room to rent at the Manor after the station cuts. Can someone also lend them a car so that they can patrol  and possibly  a torch for nightshift. Yes obtain fake  note which the police will seize and you will be £20 out of pocket.

andysport et al - another example why inbreeding should be banned.

18 Sep 2015

note to oursoul  - runners/bikers   condecending/condescending get my drift.

yes, that will worry the allblacks and aussies

davemcmorrow- yes your correct it was cyclists, i put in runners the gist of the issue being the times that the road was closed. note to oursoul - nobody likes a condecending smarta*s* ,

15 Sep 2015

leatash- yes,  that would have gone down well with the bus passengers ...... just hold on a couple of hours on  a bus with no toilet facilities, crying children  or trying to get to work...!!!!!!!  the bus company driver ( who had no knowledge of this event ) had to phone head office to contact police due to the backlog from irate bus passengers and mortorists, you cannotbe serious in comparing ...

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