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Letter writer AF

Letter writer AF's Posts I've set up a Twitter account . Please share  and re-tweet. There's still time to sign online, or one of the paper copies around the town.

9 Dec 2014

We'll be handing in the petitions with all signatures to date this Friday to Parliament. 2566 online and 1177 on paper.

17 Nov 2014

Thank you Lynne.

15 Nov 2014 Thank you Lynne, I plan to call into the Dawlish Gazette office on Monday morning. I've just set up an online petition on the 38 Degrees website -see above. Please sign and forward onto other people too.

15 Nov 2014

I had a good meeting with Mr Weekes, and I've been speaking to people at the Manor House open day this afternoon.  I feel that we have to do something soon, and to find out when Teignbridge DC are submitting their planning application - before they try to sneak it through. Hi Alison Thanks for copying RSPB into your letter expressing concern with Teignbridge Council's intent to acquire ...

15 Nov 2014

Hi all, I feel a plan of action is needed.  If anyone wishes to support, let's meet up at The Strand Centre - the church on the strand at 12 today.  They nice coffee there.

14 Nov 2014

Why should dog walkers and house builders get priority over land which ignores the fact that the land is already owned by someone, and who doesn't want to give up his land, property and livelihood?

14 Nov 2014

Hello, I'm the letter writer in the paper this week.  I still haven't had a response o my letter to Rt Hon Eric Pickles or Rt Hon Liz Truss MP, so hope this means they're taking action against Teignbridge DC. I'm planning to start an online petition on 38 Degrees website this weekend against the plans to force a farmer of land which is growing food.