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General Discussion

I live in Dawlish and have a large selection of sheet music that I wish to sell.  I have set up a facebbok page that lists all the pieces that are available. If you are interested then please feel free to take a look. The page can be found at Having a problem with the facebook site at the moment, you can see what I have for sale by clicking on this link to go to my Amazon page, will try and get facebook sorted asap

1 Jun 2014

I have recently inherited a large amount of sheet music, I have sold some on various websites (Amazon and Ebay etc) I have now set up a facebook group that people can post any sheet music they are looking for on.  If you are looking to buy some or sell some then please take a look. The facebook page is called Buy and sell sheet music 2014.  It's early days yet as am gradually sorting through my ...

2 Bed Flat to Rent
14 Apr 2014

Good Morning  I have a two bedroom unfurnished flat to rent out in Dawlish, just a five minute walk from the seafront  It costs £580 per month. if you or  anyone you know might be interested then please message me, thanks

Hi All   I have recently bought a house in Dawlish which comes with two flats. We are looking to rent out each flat. The one bedroom one is priced at £450 per month, the two bed at £600 per month, if anyone is interested or knows of anybody who might be then please let me know.

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