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I moved in.

Oh come on burnside, show some compassion, the poor fellow doesn't  know  the  words and he left his song sheet at home.

15 Sep 2015

So there you have it, Jeremy  Corbyn leader  and Tom  Watson  deputy. The labour party is  being led by Tom and  Jerry. "That's all folks ".

13 Sep 2015

People are so unfair on the Labour Party. They have so many good ideas and policies to bring a brighter future to Britain yet voters seem determined to judge them on their last 13 years of government.

Syrian refugees
8 Sep 2015

Refugees on the lawn , fabulous idea as long as they bring a roll of turf and repair the damage caused in carnival week.

Or there again, you can  totally ignore the  no cycling signs  like the majority do.

Syrian refugees
6 Sep 2015

I  expect this will cause some controversy,  but I thought, how  refreshing how the Germans are treating the refugee problem.  Their spokesman was on the  news this  morning saying  how they would be taken to reception centres and the first thing  they would get would be a nice shower  to freshen them up.......

Never have I  seen a head so far up their own arse.

@Lynne Kindly show some respect and please be aware that Mrs Pedantic was mastermind champ 1977 , specialist subject "What constitutes a farm?"

It's  probably straggly  because my mate sat on it.