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The King of rock and roll has just finished reading In the Roots, what a cracking story and what an ending.  You've shot yourselves in the foot FODH.  Your loss.

1 Jun 2016

Thank you for the information on this Shakespeare fellow  Lynn, I'm afraid I'm not familiar with him, but I am with Bob Chapman.

31 May 2016

Why is there a planning application gone in that we don't know about?

27 May 2016

Looks like you and your old man lady biker have upset The Half Arsed Toffs Club, How refreshing. And that's rich coming from you Morty with your track record .

There's nothing normal about

where have they gone
20 Jan 2016

I think there's even a tenuous case for inviting Mrs C back to spice things up. Or perhaps , let sleeping dogs lie.

Sainsburys roundabout
24 Oct 2015

Indicators Margaret, what are indicators?

The Marie Celeste springs to mind.

1 Oct 2015

Alien abduction, gone to Syria, gone to the pub, commited suicide now that Corbyn is in charge. Gardening because the weather is clement. Take your pick.

Yes not bad considering I  died in 1977. Is there a prize? Update for you all. I attempted to enquire at the police shop, but it was closed , but the word in the local hostelries  is that , the member is in London for an interview , with a view to join The Diplomatic Corps or in Bradford training as a suicide bomber for IS.