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I dont really care who owns what or who does it, I  just think it doesn't  do the image of our town any favours.

25 Aug 2015

Why not? They're  are all the same service, I would have thought the station could instruct the trains where to stop and start.

25 Aug 2015

We all are aware of the shortfalls of Dawlish railway station when it comes to the disabled, but this morning I realised that they are anti disabled. I took my disabled friend there this morning, upon arriving we discovered there were no seats on platform two except for the ones not under cover. My friend who cannot stand for more than a couple of  minutes,  perched himself on the edge of a ...

Sue and Andy told me they keep watch along the sea wall and close when it's  appropriate.

Wish I was a copper
20 Aug 2015

I  have already stated quite clearly that his identity is unknown to me,  had I  known  who he was I  would have phoned (on hands free) The Old Bill.

20 Aug 2015

If you wish to persue a complaint against him BEE9, then I  am happy to give a statement and they can check his phone records, which will demonstrate he was using his phone.

19 Aug 2015

I would have phoned the police myself had I  have had the name. Thirty years ago he would have had some road rage.

19 Aug 2015

There's  not many times that I  have ever wanted to be on the right side of the law, but today I  did. I was driving down Badlake Hill at ten past ten this morning, when coming up the hill was a red  drving school  car with L plates, containing  just the driving instructor. I waited while he came up past the line of parked cars on my side of the road. There he was texting or dialing on his ...

Have you chosen your new alias yet  rsoul?

14 Aug 2015

Let's  have it right rsoul, the webmaster pointed out to you that the remark I  made at the time was prior to anyone knowing the severity of the accident. I take exception at your description  of me , I  see you are reverting back to Judith Chalmers, Mrs C ,etc. I did wonder how long the facade of respectibility would last.