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Dawlish News

It is lovely in there they have done a great job there are 9 tables, so not that small. The coffee is wonderful and the food divine, don't judge till you have tried it. Good luck to them nice to .encourage new businesses

Tourists leave more mess and litter on beaches than dogs. All the dog walkers I know pickup after their animals. I've seen people letting their kids pee on the beach. Give me dogs anyday.

There is a loIvely clothes shop on the strand. Seventeen.

At this rate there will be nowhere to take dogs. I regularly walk in Manor park and have never seen dog poo.

15 Mar 2018

Talk about fake news.

All true.

3 Aug 2017

Why doesn't the Dawlsh gazette report incidents like t his. They have put the price up, but less news everyweek.

I thought someone got stabbed on the strand the other night. Loads of teenagers on the lawns. Doesn't seem to be under control to me.

. Apparantly Geordies have moved into the drug trade in Dawlish.

Good risk assesment, not.

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