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Dawlish News

Is it me or is there the usual messed up reporting on Devonlive, along with the councillors comments, sounds like everyone is talking about the new Countryside park but aren't the repairs just at the Warren car park. Clemens, Hockin, Mayne & Wrigley don't appear to know what they were commenting on

Really!! £25!!! surely not a cult type thing!!

I'm so pleased for all concerned that it appears to be going really well at Powderham, I wasn't interested in going and have had an equally lovely time in and around Dawlish on a lovely day(still wondering when Pirates Chest or whatever it is called on the seafront is going to open though but that's another thread!!).  I'm just insensed fredBassett with a little pot and black going on, no doubt ...

20 May 2016

I recently commented about the many occasions when our sea front cafes cannot be bothered to open on a fair weather day why on earth should we be bothered if they don't get a bumper pay day at the Big Event. I'd agree that I'm not happy that our money was given towards this event, but apart from that I won't be losing sleep over it, it's what it is and it'll soon be gone and forgotten and I hope ...

Thanks all, have now looked at it

19 Feb 2016

The link doesn't appear to work? Only I was looking for more details as I had a strange caller this week in the same area who seemed to panic and make up a story about did someone else live here when I answered the door.

I too think it is appalling, but as for who is lying remember it is the district and city councils stumping up £100k each not Devon County council. So where DCC may not be able to afford school crossing patrols anymore maybe there is some merit in thinking that district councils should be able to afford it when they can give away £100k like this.

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