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Dawlish Christian Spiritualist Church

22 May 2013

Our next one is on 31st May with Tracey Evans and, following our fortnightly theme, we have Jamie Tennant on 14th June and David Harris on 28th June.  To those of you who have never plucked up the courage to attend such an evening, I would like to assure you that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, we don't see ghosts or anything like that, our Guest Mediums have the ability to link with ...

28 Feb 2013

We are now recommencing our fortnightly Clairvoyant Evenings after the monthly Events in January and February.  On March 8th Roger Davies will be our Guest Medium and on 22nd March, we are privileged to have Tracey Mcquaid who, despite her blindness, is willing to travel from Plymouth on her own to be with us on that Friday.  Both Roger and Tracey are excellent Mediums and able to bring poignant ...

19 Dec 2012

Dawlish Christian Spiritualist Church sends greetings to all, those we know and those we have yet to meet; to those who feel that a sense of purpose is missing from their lives, to encourage them to come and see what spirituality has to offer and be amazed how knowledge of the spirit within can change your attitude to life.  It is not 'A Religion' but a way of life which expands our ability to ...

9 Nov 2012

Very droll!  I'm sure we've all had a laugh when Clairvoyant Evenings have had to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances!   I'm not a clairvoyant Medium ......... yet! Did you know that we all have the potential to develop that lost ability.

8 Nov 2012

Hi Nelson,  There's no way of telling how many people will attend our forthcoming Clairvoyant Evening on 16th November.  Shireen & Becky are very good and very popular but sometimes there are too many other things going on elsewhere.  We can only accommodate forty in our Hall and I doubt we will have that many.  You are welcome to come along and see for yourself.

7 Nov 2012

Our Clairvoyant Evenings help to spread the light by bringing closer that realisation that our departed loved ones are only a thought away and longing to reassure us that they are watching over us and encouraging us.  Our fortnightly Events, held on Fridays at 7.30 p.m. offer that opportunity for us to hear from those who have left the physical plane but who are very much alive in the World of ...

7 Nov 2012

Through our thoughts and intentions our Spirits combine, While connection  grows stronger with effort and time And our radiant light reflects the Divine. Though the world may see darkness, we carrry the light If our thoughts and intentions continue aright, To guide the more worldly to broaden their sight Spreading the light is the mission we hold, Advancing our ...