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Dawlish Christian Spiritualist Church

Dawlish Christian Spiritualist Church


Dawlish Christian Spiritualist Church encourages people to recognise that life is indeed a spiritual gift, that it has a purpose and that it gives us opportunities to learn and experience through our physical senses, the facets of the soul.  We do not see ourselves as following a 'Religion', we see it as a way of life, open to all, regardless of what may have led us to seek beyond the confines of our own religious experiences. Through our spiritual approach, we learn that we are all responsible for ourselves as well as each other and that we can change things for the better through the power of our thoughts, words and deeds.  The material world we live in becomes less important as we mix with like-minded spiritually-oriented peope and learn to develop our own spiritual gifts.  We also learn that we are spirit beings here and now and that the demise of the physical body is not the end by any means.  There is much evidence to suggest that 'life' beyond 'life' is indeed 'out of this world', a paradise of radiant beauty with a myriad of opportunities to fulil our true potential.

At Dawlish Christian Spiritualis Church we are open for Healing on Tuesday afternoons between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. and suggest you might like to pop-in for healing or for a chat if you are in our area, or perhaps, visit a Spiritualist Church or Centr in your own area; there is nothing to be afraid of, after all, 'Healing' comes through our connection with the Universal energies around us in the natural world, the trees, the flowers and the animals we love so much or perhaps just take for granted. The Healing energies come through the Universal God-force but we make no claims that we can heal any specific condition since everything is in the hands of 'The Great Universal Spirit, Creator of all that is'.  We know from experience that the healing energies, together with the desire to expand our spiritual knowlede, will lead us on a journey of discovery once we allow those energies to work within us.

We also hold Clairvoyant Evenings at the Church on alternate Fridays and invite you to come along and learn that those who have left us and gone into the World of Spirit, still know what’s going on here on the Earth plane and they long to let us know how much they still love us and how they are doing their best to help us in our daily lives; so even if you are a complete sceptic, why not come along one Friday and decide for yourself. These evenings commence at 7.30 p.m. but we ask you to come along in good time if possible, to avoid disturbance.  We have an entry fee of £2.50 which goes towards Church funds but which includes tea, coffee an biscuits at the end of the evening.

On Sunday evenings at 6.30 p.m. we hold our weekly Service, bringing us together as friends to share our love and light with the Universal God-force and send out our thoughts and prayers for all the sick and suffering people, animals and all the places throughout the world where there is conflict, suffering, fear, deprivation or other negative state of being, to bring healing, enlightenment and upliftment, in order to help awaken people to their natural spiritual inner strength and connect to the network of God's unconditional love.  Each week the Service is led by a different Medium, each one bringing their own unique gift of mediumship and philosophy which thy share with the Congregation to motivate on-going development. 

As we learn to accept and attune to the truth of our Spiritual Heritage, we become aware of the smll but positive changes taking place within our lives; we see things in a different light and find those inner strengths that had not previously been apparent.  Through our increased awareness we attract our loved-ones from the Realms of Spirit together with our Spirit Guides, all of whom work to support us with love, from behind the scenes.  Those who have natural mediumistic abilities may see or hear those who mingle with us on higher vibrations but there is nothing to fear when we attune to the higher realms with faith, belief and trust, knowing that we are guarded, guided and protected by that love.

01626 891221
20 Albert Street,, Dawlish, Devon., EX7 9LA, United Kingdom
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