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Dawlish News

Happily nothing. This entry is about drivers of motor vehicles causing injury to cyclists.

1 week ago

So, let us consider the claims made here by Deedoodle. Sadly, the entry contains no evidence at all except the eyes of the writer. However, the national statistics might help. In 2019 according to DPP Law( ) 48% of vehicles break the motorway speed limit and 86% speed on 20 mph roads, some 85,000 drivers are convicted of drink driving. ...

1½ weeks ago

How is it possible for anyone to agree with Fred Bassett's comments? This young cyclist suffered serious injuries from an incredibly stupid car driver. Such behaviour repeated on other cyclists could ;ead to far more life threatening injuries. Cyclists, are permitted to use the roads by law. Only the truly selfish drivers of oil powered vehicles seem to think that roads are only for them. ...

1½ weeks ago

What on earth have your comments got to do with this incident. It seems from the reports that she was deliberately blocked on the open road by a vehicle that had just passesd her illegally and then braked hard. She was forced to try and seek an escape route only to find bollards blocking her route. Cyclists are allowed on the public roads and the law has not changed. Health and safety has ...

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