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black lives matter
25 Jun 2020

There is a serious lack of white chocolate compared to brown and dark chocolate in supermarkets. I can only conclude everyone is racist against white people.

12 Jun 2020

Well thanks to those young people for knowing everything. I'm very grateful to you for educating us older stupid people. I don't know how we managed before.

6 Jun 2020

Tony Timpa was suffocated by police during an arrest. He screamed “you’re going to kill me.” And they did. As he lay dead, they cracked jokes. There were no riots. Little coverage. You’ve never heard his name because he’s white.

So the tourism industry benefits from Brexit. Excellent, stick that in your pipe and smoke it project fear.

What's the issue?

No, I haven't read the plans. I just know my learned pals on here would have all the answers. Yep a steel container sounds bad.

13 Dec 2017

Why did 58 people object?

Must carry weapons for self defence.

Excellent news. Good riddance eye sore.

I guess he had to order some pizza for the bunker.

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