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Dawlish News

3 days ago

just to point out that the lack of affordable and available childcare doesn't only hold back more women from being active in local politics but also from being economically active or being able to study. Some might even want to study in order to become professional child care practitioners!

It seems from reading the article that it was/is officers (ie employees) of the council who were/are involved with this apparent intransigence. As I read the story the only connection this story has with councillors is that is so happens that the appellant is one.

A scheme has now been launched by the government to hold bus fares at a maximum of £2.00 per single journey for a period of time next year. More info here ; Whilst welcoming this news it does nothing whatsoever for those with no bus service at all, or for ...

Assumes the buses will be running when they are supposed to.


The building of the bridge was given planning permission a couple of months back in August. Work has to start within 3 years. Wonder if it will be in place by 2025?

21 Oct 2022

So......... here's a potential fly in the ointment. This bridge is to link the Persimmon side of Shutterton Brook with the Secmaton Farm side of Shutterton Brook. Shutterton Brook forms part of the northern boundary of Secmaton Farm. Whilst the Persimmon development is presently being built out there is presently no planning permission for any development on Secmaton Farm (even though the ...

18 Oct 2022

The bridge over Shutterton Brook was granted planning permission by TDC a few months back. As I said above, DCC is involved in the building of the bridge plus a bit of the road either side. I understand that the meeting referred to in the first post on this thread was concerned with DCC giving approval for the bridge works to be put out to tender.

15 Oct 2022

This link road has been at least 7 years in the making. And it still ain't built yet! I have just watched the podcast and looked at some of the documents concerning what was agreed at the DCC cabinet meeting (see post above). As DCC is the Highway Authority it seems that it was just giving its approval for the road to be built (I should *!*!* ! well hope so!). DCC is involved in the ...

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