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APPLICATIONS for the first wave of the rollout of an expansion of free childcare for working parents will open on January 2, the government has announced today. Eligible working parents of two-year-olds will be able to register to access 15 hours free childcare per week from April 2024. Funding will also be available for new childminders who join the profession or who completed their ...

1½ weeks ago

The BBC would like to hear from those experiencing child care issues Are you pregnant and on a nursery waiting list? Are you unable to extend your childcare hours? Are you travelling long distances for suitable childcare? Share your experiences by emailing . Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. You can also get ...

1½ weeks ago


In my post dated 18th Nov at (g) I talked about developer profit margins. Apparently it's in the region of 35.5%

2 weeks ago

So given the hope value of land (see posts above)  and how much such land increases in value should it be identified for development, imagine just how mightily miffed the landowners of land around Dawlish must have been when no land was identified for development in the emerging local plan!! Just imagine all that dosh that they were no longer going to get! I bet the air was blue! For the ...

2 weeks ago

For clarification - when I refer to 'the barns' (see post immediately above) I mean, of course, the barn conversion cottages (doh!). A two bed one is presently on the market for rent at £950 per calendar month. More details here &nbsp ;

2 weeks ago

And on the price of what once was agricultural land going up by megabucks if given planning permission for development - see the quite small piece of land that once formed part of Gatehouse Farm land opposite the barns and by the roundabout adjacent to Secmaton Lane. It is now presently being developed by Taylor Wimpey.  The land was up for sale for offers around £675,000. That amount of money for ...

2 weeks ago

As I understand it all this land is becoming available to developers because:- a) central government dictates to local authorities how many homes have to be built in their particular  area over a certain number of years. b) in order to achieve these number of homes local authorities invariably have to have them built on land that has never been developed. c) in order to have sufficent ...

24 Oct 2023

A Friends of Oakland Wood facebook page has now been set up which is concerned with preserving Oaklands wood and the three adjoining fields as they are. ;

23 Oct 2023

Just to point out that as much as I would like to think that the land west of Teignmouth Road (that's the three fields inland opposite The Smugglers pub) is now saved from being developed that is not necessarily the case. When the Local Plan is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate sometime next year the examiner can rule, if they think it appropriate vis-a-vis national planning and housing ...

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