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Dawlish News

Care homes are struggling to recruit staff as it is. How are they going to find staff for that place?

Do they also want handrails from Holcombe to Teignmouth? Next it will be handrails on all pavements to stop people stepping in front of traffic.

What bridge? Where?


Sounds like a compo claim going in any time soon .

I was also evacuated from Riviera Terrace in 2014. I can't see how that storm can be connected to climate change so I won't be standing in the road preventing people from going about their everyday lives.

Him again.

A bypass would be good but not sure where it would be placed. The pillars can cause traffic jams but not sure if it would help if they were removed. Traffic lights could be the solution, they work in Kenton.

"I have a certain standing in Dawlish"  He seems to have a very high opinion of himself.  Income of £389 a week?  OK.

18 Aug 2022

oh my.

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