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Dawlish News

Think Incitatus.

a "commitment" that "if they can beat that date, they will" Utterly meaningless. Might as well say, "directly."

I can't help feeling that Official Openings of anything are completely pointless, certainly inessential.

Shop I saw fragments of unrealised dreams in the starred window where an old poster for the National Lottery proclaimed, “It could be you.” Free newspapers were heaped inside the door, still being delivered despite the dereliction. Bootfranked post lay scattered and trampled on the floor amidst dead flies and a broken ladder had been thrown in a corner beside ...

Simple as I am, I cannot see how setting aside such an area makes " a carbon neutral holiday destination. " The destination itself, i.e. Cofton Country Holidays, who presumably dreamed up this marketing bullshit, is neither more nor less carbon neutral than it was before. I am weary of spurious claims to environmental cuddliness. (Which bank was it that paraded its desire to reduce ...

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