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Dawlish News

Stonelands Fire
1 Jan 2009

Firefighters are attending a blaze at Stonelands House, Weech Road this evening. 12 Fire Engines and 2 Hydrolics are at the scene. A Majority of the roof has been destroyed and the road has been closed while the fire is put under control.

Two cars were involved in an accident at a zebra crossing on the A379 Exeter Road Dawlish today. No pedestrians were involved and the drivers of the vehicles were unharmed. The crossing is on an awkward bend along a stretch of the Exeter road close to the town and has been of some concern to local residents over the years.

A trainee manager employed by Tesco has been exposed as a convicted paedophile. At the time of his offences, Daniel Luckman lived at Newlands in Dawlish, he had served a 15 month jail sentence for child porn offences after being convicted in 2003 and also he had been placed on the sex offenders' register, but Luckman failed to tell his bosses when he was taken on by Tesco Metro stores in ...

A Dawlish man who found Hundreds of documents dumped on a roundabout in Exeter, Devon revealed that they contained sensitive personal data. They contained details of mortgage payments, benefit claims and passport photocopies. They were found on Thursday by Karl-Heinz Korzenietzat from Dawlish at a roundabout near Exeter Airport. The MOD have also said that a laptop with details of 600,000 people ...

The Fire Brigade and the Police were called to Dawlish Community College this morning after a suspicious package was discovered in the school. The school was cordoned off and evacuated. After speaking to one of the Firemen on the scene he was able to advise that the package was a mortar round, apparently taken into school by someone. They were not able to establish if it was live. Later, a Royal ...

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