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Dawlish News

I've seen this before elsewhere, if it happens, watch the prices drop at the supermarkets!!

As a Dawlish resident, who knows several other Dawlish residents who regularly use the railway, enjoying the beautiful journey and caring passionately about its future remaining in its present location as much as possible, I am rather confused (or perhaps bemused) by the above post, but definitely will not lose any sleep, or use up any further energy over it!!

Each to their own. For me, I find it a lovely place to go for a walk, with or without a dog. It is also lovely to see so many other people enjoying it. Yes there is the occasional bit of dog poo that has been missed or ignored, but in my experience the vast majority of dog owners pick up after their pets. This goes for Sandy Lane as well. I used to live in a city until a couple of years ago and ...

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