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Dawlish News

Wonder if the people buying houses in swan park know about the "neighbours"

Wish they would outline the case for getting potholes fixed grass verges cut etc and all the local things that we pay our council tax for. Devon county council have mismanaged the budget by millions of pounds so this is a good side show to take the pressure off.

Not really news is it? Like saying hope weather gets sunnier,end world hunger etc...just more useless political bumf

Haven't they got more productive things to do with their time, how about cutting back overgrown grass verges bushes etc that the council no longer cares about or is that against climate change too?

Yes we are very busy with hate crimes and woke issues.

£3000 savings ??/ must have money to burn

What a load of rubbish, have the councillors got nothing better to do. Who is going to measure the  lead? who is going to enforce the rules ? another  out of touch with reality decision by the  jobsworths.  The councillors should be concentrating on more important issues like potholes, anti-social behaviour, vandalism, litter, improvements to the town  as dawlish is going down the tubes. Sooner ...

old news

A poo bin located on the actual promanade would have been useful as there seems to be a reluctance for some dog owners to pivk up their pets dump on the walkway

With hindsight an award that would not have been needed if South West Rail had spent money on infrastructure improvements, ( knowing how dodgy Dawlish line was to the sea ) and not shareholders profits  when they ran the franchise.

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