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Dawlish News

In america some states execute criminals so why not here.....your ststement does not stand up just because other countries do it does not mean we have to follow suit!!!!.  The labotomy dems are trying their best to screw teignbridge  into the ground with false promises and hair-brained schemes. Why do never hear the voices of the independent councilers on the teignbridge commitee rather than hooky ...

Suppose stories like this keep some people employed in the EA.

@margaret swift The object is inert.!!!!...wether it is nasty depends on the holder e.g thug or surgeon.

30 Nov 2019

Who writes these headlines? How can a knife be nasty, is this what passes as journalism these days?

Another photo op for a councillor, more interested in how they can justify a 35k wage for environmental officer when we are supposed to be strapped for cash.

What's this got to do with brexit.?

Am I missing something here? Would a service station not have CCTV so the car could be traced and the police could get involved in this dognapping

Why did these two councilors go all the way to downing street, when they could have just posted the lettrer.?? Did they not relalise  there is a "climate emergency" and should  be not be going on unnecessary journey's.- Oh hold on a minute this will make a nice photo opportunity. Did they get expenses for this jolly, sorry trip.???

Should his defense not have been, weel i had to go away and do a risk assessment of the situation , or call it a hate crime to get the police to respond faster, or sue the school for not teaching the boys their human rights to not punch one another.  Hmmm.... snowflakes now rule this land.

could she have smelt it.?

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