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Dawlish News

Strange the leader of teignmouth council not there as he never misses a photo opportunity perhaps keeping his head down after his leader Ed Davey says women have pe*nis*s,.........

What a load of guff.....

Maybe early warning for  when Putin pushes the red button.....then you can kiss your a*s* goodbye %uD83D%uDE04

Just proves what a useless bunch of councillors we have in Teignbridge .....unfortunately new blood not coming forward to challenge the status quo.

Bus  service "now urgent" hmmm... must be a election soon. Of course !!! the May elections are coming up time for councillors to raise their profile

The water firms get away with it citing heavy rainfall.....they should be fined every time it happens, that would focus minds on solutions rather than share price.!!! Note ...this get out clause is supported by the tories

Next they will be asking for volunteers to empty the bins .......

They have a couple of years to turn it around so all this nonsense about having an election will not happen. If a week is a long time in politics what is two years when everything could be so different.

Sewage smell on West cliff road for the last week

Looks like his book on dawlish history just got more expensive%uD83D%uDE00

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