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Dawlish News

Sorry Flo, my crossed wires. I missed the previous couple of posts and thought you meant Anne Marie Morris - thought it must have been a bit extreme, even for a Tory!

9 Apr 2015

Had not realised they were that odious.   Thanks.

9 Apr 2015

@flo .  Could you point me to where I can read what she said about dementia?  I've googled but haven't found it.  Thanks. @Lynne .  Hadn't realised UKIP HQ was Newton Abbot.  Anything to do with Trago?  Trash shop, trash politics.

That's as maybe Wondering.  Much is made of the North/South divide but having experienced all three locations, the South West gets a very bad deal.   If it didn't have its landscape it'd be even further down the pile.

So terribly sad for the poor woman and her family and friends.   Tragic news.

Thank you Flo.  I hope this gets as much attention from the 2000+  people who signed Mr Weeks' petition (which shouldn't be too difficult if it was all the work of this forum). Here's a direct link to the survey It's a simple choice - option 1 or 2 plus a handful of demographic questions, so only a minute or two of your time.

I can't wait to use it.  Irrespective of the wonderful views, that bone shaking stretch has been a weak link in the trail.  Hopefully more people will be inclined to cycle on towards Dawlish now.  If only there was a scenic route from the Texaco garage as an alternative to Exeter Road.

I am laughing because the more you two post the more you make a laughing stock of yourselves.   Now shall we get back to DAL or do you prefer to sit up all night keeping watch?

18 Nov 2014

Ha ha, there's nowt so queer as folk like you.   Sorry to everyone else for throwing a sausage at the starving Rottweilers. Meanwhile shall we carry on with Margaret's self described 'imaginative' idea to build a multi million pound DAL for Christmas and special occasions?   Genius.

18 Nov 2014

Margaret,  I've yet to see you add anything except conflict with JC.  Is it possible you have a rather deluded sense of your own superiority, 'imagination' and popularity?

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