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Dawlish News

...and I'll come off the fence and say I think they should remain free, maybe not as low as 60, but definitely 65. It is doubtful how much revenue would be gained if charged.  But I think it is safe to say that pensioners being out and about provide a better society and more spend in shops etc.  Also it keeps the health bill down by keeping them fitter and less depressed.

It is a 'cracking job'.  Crisis management is no way to run such vital infrastructure though.

@Stephen - Answer to your first question - Both lines will always be sub-optimal, but at least there will be an 'heir and a spare' providing resiliance.  Also plenty of extra happy Devon communities. @flo - as for the plymouth bashing, remember that all the same arguments from plymouth and cornwall for wanting a reliable service apply to a far greater extent to na and totnes and torbay.  and ...

5 Dec 2014

My hunch is it's all just a bit of an election tease that Oke-Tavy will be re-built anytime soon. Snag is that there are a lot of costs involved from building a brand new Meldon Viaduct, track raising Exeter to Crediton to make it flood proof, improving earthworks to modern standards, signalling, oh and not to mention that small matter of demolishing the shortsighted placing of council offices ...

@wondering - it is perfectly technically possible to push the waterfront away from the line - spend permitting!! Beach would look somewhat different though Think Dutch - problem solved.  Can then electrify. Chudleigh - am sure they too would love their station back - so too would most of north Devon and Cornwall !!!  But it is not the correct strategic solution @ MC - On the premise ...

30 Nov 2014

@JC - Nope, Plymouth is not in my travel plan at all if I can help it. Preferred/fastest route for me is A303-A30 direct to Cornwall. In fact selfishly Clive would greatly benefit from A303 upgrading.  However, would hate to see Blackdown hills desecrated .  Nevertheless, I do support a 2.5mile tunnel under Stonehenge + Winterbourne Stoke by-pass to give logical clear run to A36.

29 Nov 2014

@michaelclayson : 1. Exactly so, provided it actually happens to the existing line, in its entirety, including electrification. 2. At a time of supposedly cutting carbon emissions it seems odd that finding money for the A303 is less questioned than for railways? 3. Spend on railways is vital to boosting growth in the economy, so there is a payback to be had. 4. Whilst 'save the ...

29 Nov 2014

@JC - It does not follow that 'highest revenue' is anything like as high as it could or should be.

29 Nov 2014

@wondering -  i do hope the council have the basic common sense not to further worsen their record of shortsightedness by the proposed bere alston to tavistock line also having approved houses or other build environment located right behind the new buffers and so preventing future extensions.

29 Nov 2014

@wondering - the real crime with closing meldon to bere alston was the council's failure to secure the formation of this mainline route.  then just to top it all, they saw fit to build their offices right on top of it in tavistock.

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