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A poo bin located on the actual promanade would have been useful as there seems to be a reluctance for some dog owners to pivk up their pets dump on the walkway

With hindsight an award that would not have been needed if South West Rail had spent money on infrastructure improvements, ( knowing how dodgy Dawlish line was to the sea ) and not shareholders profits  when they ran the franchise.

Are they going  hang about the riverside centre at night to practise. anti-social behaviour underage drinking /drug abuse or will it just be hide and seek................?

Following devastating storms in 2014, which caused significant disruption to the railway connecting Devon and Cornwall to the rest of the UK, Network Rail established the South West Rail Resilience Programme (SWRRP) to protect Dawlish’s rail infrastructure from future extreme weather. Read more...

Europeans, many from the south west, were captured by the Barbary pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa.  You don't hear much about that these days.

4 Oct 2021

What about us being slaves to the Romans? Or doesn't that matter? Also in the middle ages when us slaves were referred to as 'Serf's? Or doesn't that matter? Yes people, Us British have been slaves in history but we don't harp on about it!!!!!

On Tuesday 12th October student officers from Devon and Cornwall Police will be in Dawlish on a training day! This means you will see many officers around Dawlish town centre participating in role plays to test their knowledge and skills...Good luck to all student officers!

The name Devon was first used as a personal name when slave-owners bestowed it on enslaved men These men and women were from other parts of the UK or migrated from the colonies. It is noticeable how peripatetic their lifestyles were: some rapidly moved around England to live for short periods in such places as London, Bath and in the fashionable resorts. In Devon they mostly lived along the ...

Paige Kimberley said the group had messages containing vile images and sexist attitudes towards women Now former Detective Superintendent Paige Kimberley, from Dawlish, is set to be compensated after a tribunal ruled that she did tell her civilian former line manager Tatiana Southon about the images and a day after doing so, a job offer was withdrawn from her. Read more... ...

Flocks of birds have arrived on the Exe Estuary in Devon and after a long-haul migration from Siberia - they need to rest and feed “The Exmouth Wildlife Refuge at Exmouth Duck Pond is active until December 31 to protect the feeding grounds of birds such as Brent geese. The Dawlish Warren wildlife refuge is active all year round. Read more... ...

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