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Supposedly the CO OP was broken into last night, but the coppers did not even turn up, I suppose they had better things to do!

Dear me, it's like been given a choice of apples but they are all moldy.

Ross Norman, 29, of Carlton Terrace, Dawlish , admitted the charges of stealing from three shops in the town on August 10 2022. Read more...

Anne Marie Morris MP, whose constituency includes Dawlish, has backed Liz Truss in the Conservative leadership race to become the next prime minister. Read more...

On page 7 in the latest edition of Private Eye there is a photo of Boris Johnson on a beach. The caption reads "Turd Found On Beach".

ACCESS to Dawlish beach is due to be open to all over the Bank Holiday weekend. Contractors working on the latest phase of sea wall improvements have been able to open the Colonnade underpass. Read more...

Looking after the shareholders and their dividends. All down to the Thatcher government (dictatorship) in the 80's, where Great Britain was put up for sale, inc Water, Transport, Gas, Electricity, Telecoms etc. PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE. All the industries that you all complain about but you still vote for them.

23 Aug 2022

Tory MPs are facing a fresh wave of criticism for voting down an amendment in October 2021 that would have stopped the dumping of sewage into rivers and coastal waters. From: If you click on the link and then scroll down you will see a list of the MPs who voted down the amendment. Our MP, Anne ...

20 Aug 2022

Sewage smell on West cliff road for the last week

Looks like his book on dawlish history just got more expensive%uD83D%uDE00

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