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Why a 'Dawlish avoiding' train line in the South West won't happen The injury to a passenger after a wave smashed the windows of a train travelling past Dawlish has once again re-opened the debate about whether there needs to be a rail line that avoids the sea. Read more...

16 Jan 2020

One person has been injured and travel disrupted after waves smashed the glass of a train window while on the main rail line through Devon. A spokesperson said: "The windows were smashed before the train reached Dawlish - passengers were immediately moved to other carriages - and the service carried on to Paignton." Read more... ...

The A379 Exeter Road in Dawlish is currently closed due to an accident involving two cars. Two vehicles are involved in the incident, and the road is closed in both directions. Read more...

@ FredBasset As for the incompetents at Teignbridge, you lot voted them in so why are you complaining?

13 Jan 2020

and the tax payer will bear the extra costs whille the incompetents at Network rail and Teignbridge council carry on regardless. Time for heads to roll contracts removed and the whole job researched, re-planned and re-budgeted by civil engineering construction experts not cowboy companies, and pen pushers.

How many new build affordable houses can you build on a bowling green ?

Flooding is possible - be prepared

No matter how much of a warning they give, you will still see idiots running along the sea wall (in any seaside town) playing at dodging the waves.

A bit harsh putting Brian Downie in with this bunch. It clearly shows the poor bloke was suffering from a form of dementia. Your own article substantiates this. Usual poor news reporting by a sub standard news paper. Deepest sympathies to the victim and her family for the tragic loss.

You put tons of concrete onto permeable SANDSTONE that is soaked with sea water and the pressure of winter storms  and you are surprised it starts to give. I think building structures on soft foundations was never a good idea. I believe it may even be mentioned in the bible. Still you can bet someone is still going to make even more money from this cock up.

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