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They should have bought the land by Langdon if they were serious. Would have been better than a load more poor quality wood huts with prices our local youngsters will never be able to afford

Dawlish’s new farm shop is still on course to open – but it’ll be slightly later than originally planned. Earlier this month Dawlish Nub News reported that Darren Lakin had taken over the old Ladbrokes premises on the Strand, to open a new branch of the Teignmouth Farm Shop which he and his brother Scott started about two years ago. Read the article here . At the time he was hoping to ...

I've seen this before elsewhere, if it happens, watch the prices drop at the supermarkets!!

2 May 2021

Bring it on. That will shake the Co-op and Sainsburys up a bit.

Horrendous R.I.P little one. In doggy heaven now.

Bosses at the German supermarket released a list of locations they are looking to either build a new store in or relocate in the area - and they are looking for land to do it on. Dawlish See more...

Dolci discovered dead by RSPCA who visited house in Dawlish. The owner, Louise Cleave, 39, said she had left the dog in the toilet when it grew weak and was too scared to look if she was dead. She told inspectors she could not afford a vet and had suffered a mental health health breakdown due to problems in her family life. Read more... ...

A proposal for eight new static lodges at Cofton Country Holiday Park is being supported by Dawlish town councillors. Read more...

@carer Got to look on the bright side from"our Alison"  saving money by employing an almost policeman Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) work with police officers and share some, but not all of their powers.

26 Apr 2021

Pity there isn't a box on the voting slip to vote none of the above candidates.............. and before someone says spoil your paper i don;t agrree with not voting

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