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Should still be an alternative route away from the sea somewhere!


Still good to know HS2 is plowing on,just so that some pin stripe can get from London to the North 20 minutes quicker.

To follow up the claim made by Deedoodle that, " There are a lot more ignorant cyclists on our roads than people driving motorised vehicles going about their daily business on our roads." Readers might find it instructive, even interesting to watch the Youtube video below. It is provided by a car driving instructor. Enjoy!

CrossCountry says disruption expected until 9.30am and Torquay seafront has been closed CrossCountry Voyager trains are unable to operate on the Dawlish line during bad weather because they suffer electrical problems and may short circuit if they get wet, causing onboard safety systems to shut down the train engines. Read more... ...

A drunken woman kicked a policeman on the bottom after downing a bottle of wine in one at the culmination of a three day drinking binge. Police intercepted her and she kicked Pc Michael Elliott on the shins as she was being taken back to the car and jabbed a heel into his bottom once she was inside. She is now working with the mental health service and probation, both of whom have given ...

Roads  in Torbay and Falmouth have been shut due to flooding, as has the rail branch line bewteen Looe and Liskeard - and CrossCountry Trains are once again running a reduced service on the mainline due to conditions at Dawlish. Read more...

In Devon, both the north and south coasts are covered by the alert, which covers everywhere from Hartland Point to Lynmouth in the north and from Start Point to Dawlish Warren in the south. Read more...

@ Fred Well, you can't blame Lidl for that.

27 Oct 2019

@Carer Have a guess where the scum you mention come from

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