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Cllr Gordon Hook, leader of the council, has forwarded on a letter he sent to the previous Prime Minister Theresa May last month Read more...

They are all psychic. They will tell you things you never even thought about. The chicken sare coming home to roost. Boris has already started going down that road.

24 Jul 2019

So, our (Dawlish) one time councillor is now a psychic. Shame she coulnd't see what was happening at the council meetings. Whatever next!

Should his defense not have been, weel i had to go away and do a risk assessment of the situation , or call it a hate crime to get the police to respond faster, or sue the school for not teaching the boys their human rights to not punch one another.  Hmmm.... snowflakes now rule this land.

could she have smelt it.?

24 Jul 2019

Becky Willoughby once used her powers to find a skunk Read more...

A disciplinary hearing watched a CCTV video recording of the incident in April 2018 between the pupils at Orchard Manor School in Dawlish, Devon. The TRA hearing in Coventry said Pupil F hit Pupil J to the head with his fists on at least nine occasions in quick succession. Read more...

Two women fight for life after Teignmouth horror crash

22 Jul 2019

Two people have been seriously injured in a crash on the A379 at Dawlish. Road closures are in place at John Nash Drive and New Road, and are expected to be for sometime. Read more...

And will Morris take the blame at a later date should anything untoward happen, because as she thinks, she may talk them out of doing what they want to do now. there could be a lot more people affected further down the line As far as I am concerned she is a waste of space as is her staff, first you have to get past the staff before she will know what is going on, but what they tell you might be ...

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