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Someones got to pay the £35k pension  salary  for a pen pusher so why should the taxpayers be amazed. The lib dems must hold the record for shooting themselves in the foot after only being in office a short while. Anyway hope they enjoy the ride because they will be out at next election.

27 Feb 2020


The scheme, funded jointly by the Environment Agency and Teignbridge District Council, cost £12 million and as well as building up the beach at Dawlish Warren, should protect 2,900 homes around the River Exe from flooding. Read more...

Free Sunday parking in Teignbridge will be axed as part of budget proposals that have been approved. Teignbridge District Council’s budget plans for 2020/21, which also funding to employ a climate change officer and enhanced planning enforcement, were given the go-ahead by councillors on Monday morning. Read more... ...

More gutter filth cleared from our streets.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
26 Feb 2020

A homeless teenager who was bullied into drug dealing by the notorious Dawlish Geordies gang has been jailed. Police who picked him up on Cathedral Green in Exeter found a message on his phone telling him to do as he was told or 'I'm getting my pals up from Dawlish'. Read more...

Even more rubbish being broadcast.

And now we have storm Ellen on it's way.

A wealthy family have swapped their luxury villa in Morocco for a 'poor holiday' in a caravan near Dawlish for a brand new reality TV series. Episode 2 will show wealthy Cheshire entrepreneur and former footballer's wife, Jude Cisse, who will be taking her four children and mum Christine to a caravan park in Dawlish, a little bit different to their privately staffed villa in Morocco. Read ...

It's been a tough year for the famous black swans at Dawlish - but within days of Storm Dennis washing the breeding pair's eggs and nest away the nine spirited survivors are nest-building again. Now the two Cobs (male swans) have moved down to Tuck's Plot and the wardens are clearing the surrounding paths of debris after the deluge. Read more... ...

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