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A volunteer with the Strand Community Centre, and the whole team behind the Open Daw Centre, have received Civic Awards from Dawlish Town Council. The individual award went to Marie Whitehead for her ‘outstanding service to the community as a volunteer for the Strand Community Centre’. Read more... ...

The club had applied for £1,000, but councillors agreed to give it double that amount, at the Finance and General Purposes committee meeting on Thursday, April 29. Read more...

She couldn't afford vet bills but she could obviously afford make up and piercing!

6 May 2021

Cleave admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by failing to give Dolci proper veterinary care. She was banned from owning animals for the rest of her life. Read more...

What has it got to do with Teignbridge council. When we questioned planning at one of the consultation meetings we were told that Network Rail dont have to get local planning consent as they have blanket coverage from central government to pretty much do what they like on their own property. What you mean is TDC decided to stick their hooter in, waste more council taxpayers money and no doubt had ...

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
4 May 2021

Teignbridge District Council has approved Network Rail’s plans to extend an existing rockfall shelter over the railway line between Dawlish and Holcombe in Devon. Parsons Tunnel was previously extended 100 years ago, and Network Rail will extend that further by providing a rockfall shelter in modern materials, but with open sides rather than the brick built enclosed tunnel extension. ...

They should have bought the land by Langdon if they were serious. Would have been better than a load more poor quality wood huts with prices our local youngsters will never be able to afford

Dawlish’s new farm shop is still on course to open – but it’ll be slightly later than originally planned. Earlier this month Dawlish Nub News reported that Darren Lakin had taken over the old Ladbrokes premises on the Strand, to open a new branch of the Teignmouth Farm Shop which he and his brother Scott started about two years ago. Read the article here . At the time he was hoping to ...

I've seen this before elsewhere, if it happens, watch the prices drop at the supermarkets!!

2 May 2021

Bring it on. That will shake the Co-op and Sainsburys up a bit.

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