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There are urgent calls for people to start feeding bread to ducks, swans and geese again - because the birds are dying of starvation. Read more...

An occupant of a car has been arrested after the vehicle crashed and overturned, completely blocking the main road through Dawlish Warren. "No one injured but one occupant of the car has been arrested in connection with the crash. Road to remain blocked for some time." Read more...


15 Oct 2019

To quote Fred Basett on the prevention of accidents to cyclists: " Stay off them(roads) they are not a safe place for you. If not then follow the rules the rest of the road users have to abide by". Obviously Fred Bassett cannot read or simply choses to ignore the evidence to advance his ideas. As the statatistics above show a significant number of drivers do not abide by the law and are ...

A man who stalked a stranger he became fixated with breached a restraining order but a judge was told he’s made good progress while in hospital. Smale was brought to Truor Crown Court from Langdon mental hospital in Dawlish, Devon, and flanked in the dock by two experts. Read more...

Network Rail has announced plans to move a mile-long stretch of the main railway away from crumbling cliffs. The proposals have been part of a broader series of plans by Network Rail to safeguard the line Read more...

Another photo op for a councillor, more interested in how they can justify a 35k wage for environmental officer when we are supposed to be strapped for cash.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
10 Oct 2019

Cllr Martin Wrigley spent a day seeing what goes on inside the local Citizens Advice office Citizens Advice’s mission is to provide free, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities.  They aim to help people find a way forward, whatever the problems they face. Just last year they helped over six thousand clients with over eighteen thousand issues.  In ...

Has been found safe and well.

Bicycle riders should be BANNED from roads that have a cycle path available, and if the do have an accident on the road, then they should be held responsible and not have grounds for a claim.

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