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Dawlish Notices

Earth Hour
16 Mar 2012

Makes absolute sense to me that this town and each town/city (thus the whole country) becomes as energy independent and food producing independent as they possibly can. I was born after World War II (but born, just, when rationing was still on) so only know of, rather than experienced, food rationing. But as I recall didn't the Germans blockade the Atlantic and things like that so that supplies ...

I see from this week's Dawlish Post that the outlook doesn't seem too good for those in Teignbridge who are seeking work. (see page 3 "Three Chasing Each Job Vacancy".). And remember, those figures only relate to people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance. Don't forget that there are many others who would like to work but who don't sign on for one reason or another According to the article, Devon ...

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