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General Discussion

Justin Leigh
17 Oct 2020

Yes it is a shame, I thought he was very good at his job. I understand that he and Victoria Graham have been good friends for a long time, and of course she has split from Simon McCoy, so maybe she found doing an on-air tribute and farewell too much to handle.

Thank you Deedoodle, just what I needed. Luvly pix.

Anybody know?
5 Jan 2020

Anybody know what's being built on small new site, seaward side of teignmouth road near The Smugglers?

NHS crutch 'amnesty'
20 Oct 2019

Fairly new to Dawlish and new to this site, living in West Cliff area.  Couldn't place the firework display we saw from our north-facing window last night.  Can anyone advise where it was and if it was a special occasion or an early Guy Fawkes night?

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