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Thanks S I have made a not3 if that and looked some up. Found a couple of things so far that might interest dad but will keep searching. thanks ziggy. That is where I thought it was but was not too sure x

23 Jun 2019

Ziggy do you know what number old town street this was? Cassandra thanks for pinpointing the shop and I will look up that album when we next visit dawlish museum x

22 Jun 2019

Hi flo. Thanks for your help. We went to the museum and they could not help but I did not realise that they had a Facebook page. I will give that a try x

21 Jun 2019

my 91 year old dad was evacuated to dawlish in 1939. Details are gradually coming back to him but he is needing a push! I know that he stayed at Aller Farm with the Sercombes(excuse spelling)  for a while then was moved to one of the avenues, a council house I believe, he said that the husband was at war so lived with the wife and her son? They were often round at the forge with the Penaligons ...

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