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forgot to say - we also need black coathangers and interestingly-shaped black plastic - curved or latticed. - Kattanga's legs look like Shaun the Sheep's. Kattanga's legs need to be filled out and shaped properly. Some black plastic drainpipes would be handy.

Lycra louts about.
8 May 2018

I luv your picture of the fat guy riding his bike.  It's an inspirational shot. I hope lots of folk see it and are moved to buy lycra and get on their bikes. All hail to him and lang mae his lum reek.

Did he get the job?

Hi everyone Please does anyone know of a pile of old trawlernet which I can have? It's for Starcross History's entry into this year's Teignmouth Recycled Art in the Landscape sculpture trail. - Kattanga the coathanger HORSE will gaze sadly at the GALLOPING pollution of the 5 gyres - ie he'll be looking at a trawlernetful of plastic rubbish... well he would, if I could find some trawlernet. ...

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