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the snooky fest
14 Sep 2018

Hi DJ, no, I don't think that's how it works based on what else I looked at, but I do have to say the website is quite ambiguious. Looking at other local Charities, the Snooky Trust doesn't do too bad with an admin rate of 82%.  I had quite an educational half hour and I was amazed to see even higher rates than that from one local Charity. Yes, 25k is the point where detailed accounts ...

14 Sep 2018

Huw, at the outset I feel I should explain that I mean no disrespect to anyone involved with the Snooky Trust.  I am sure you all work very hard and put on a great event.  As you rightly said, local feedback is positive. The only point I was trying to get across (and this applies to all Charities, large or small) - is there a way to work smarter rather than harder? Whatever the 'feelgood' ...

13 Sep 2018

@elvis presley (perhaps the only person on here with a sense of humour?) Whilst I am privileged to count many 'real' bikers amongst my friends and family - I've never needed a man to fight my corner and I don't intend to start now - lol! L&R

13 Sep 2018

Well!  Someone got out of bed the wrong side! This is a VERY vociferous defence to two quite innocuous questions/points of view. I wonder why? Glad to hear you're in the phone book.  If I ever want to talk to you I'll do it face to face.  I find people are usually much kinder when they're not behind a keyboard, with or without alcohol. You've not really done the Snooky Fest any favours ...

6 Sep 2018

Let's try and get back on topic shall we? The Snooky Fest raised (the last figure posted here) a little over 4k from the July 2017 event - but not all the funds were in by Feb 2018?  A final figure should be available by now and passed to the Charity Commission? Likewise, surely there should be some indication of the amount raised from the 2018 event by now? Local residents have a lot of ...

Book signing tomorrow night, 25 Oct, at the MARINE TAVERN - 7pm onwards. Bob Chapman will be donating all profits to The Snooky Trust.

31 Aug 2016

There is a book signing by Bob Chapman at the White Hart pub, tonight, starting at 5.30pm. Come along and see what all the fuss is about! "In the Roots" and "Visitors" will be available to purchase for £7.99 each.

20 Jun 2016

Some of these later posts demonstrate the insidious nature of predjudice.  Many people don't even realise the language they use can cause offense. What I'd really like to see is a response from FoDH, giving the real reason for turning down 'In the Roots'.

16 Jun 2016

@HowardAlmond You were not asked to sell the books directly You were not asked to find outlets You were asked for any contacts you may have had in regard to promotion and sale of books Your meeting was due to be held on Monday 9th May FoDH turned the Author down on Tuesday 3rd May, stating 'we're not in the business of upsetting people' Yes, the Author was offered to attend ...

9 Jun 2016

Quick update: The Snooky Trust now have ample supplies of both 'In the Roots' and 'Visitors'. Thanks for all your lovely comments Regards

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