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1½ weeks ago

Please note that new users trying to sign up to cannot use Microsoft email addresses. This is because Microsoft has a blanket ban on various hosting companies it dislikes. Email addresses include those ending in:- The ...

Click on this link and you should be able to see the flood risk in the Secmaton/Langdon/Shutterton areas and down to Dawlish Warren. and also this link (and then click on Dawlish Warren) to see the DW Critical Drainage Area ;

This application will be considered at the TDC planning committee meeting being held on Tuesday 17th May. Officer recommendation is for approval. District councillors are Cllr John Petherick and Cllr Gary Taylor. Dawlish Town Council have requested that this application is referred to the Planning Committee for determination if the case officer is recommending the application for ...

This planning app is on the agenda at TDC Planning Committee meeting due to be held Tuesday 17th May. Officer recommendation is for approval. Ward councillors are Cllr John Petherick and Cllr Gary Taylor.

Book Sale
1½ weeks ago

Hi All I am selling books to raise funds for Dawlish Library which is run by a charity called Libraries Unlimited. All books are in very good condition (they are not library books) and are just £1 each. If you are interested then and would like a list of what is available then please email me or you can check what is available by visiting ...

Looks like the site may be about to be developed. Earth moving machines working there today.

Given all the objections and concerns that have been lodged of late by statutory consultees about the drainage and flood issues on land already identified for housing development in Dawlish, it has crossed my mind why this matter was never thought about when the land was accepted by TDC and the Planning Inspector as being suitable for development back in 2013/2014. Or was it? and was it ignored? ...

Extract of a letter published in the local paper earlier this year concerning this planning application and the development of Gatehouse Farm in the event that the bridge over Shutterton Brook and road across Secmaton Farm do not get built in time or, heaven forbid, never at all! "Please read this all those who live in the Elm Grove area of Dawlish and also those whose children attend ...

and now Devon County Council is objecting to the planning application because of flood risk/water drainage issues. "At this stage, we object to the above planning application because the applicant has not submitted sufficient information in order to demonstrate that all aspects of the surface water drainage management plan have been considered. "

Now Devon County Council is also objecting to this planning application on flood risk grounds. " At this stage, we object to this planning application because we believe it does not satisfactorily conform to Policy EN4 (Flood Risk) of Teignbridge District Council's Local Plan (2013-2033). The applicant will therefore be required to submit additional information in order to demonstrate that all ...

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