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Pete B

@ stephen - Just replying to woodcocks comment thats all @OurSoul - what another stupid remark the same company responsible has just been fined two million pounds cause they cant even run trains on time. perhaps the tax payers should be celabrating that on friday

11 Aug 2015

Or donate to Fridays Conserative jolly at the railway station, no doubt the town council will be laying on a trough and free drinks at the manor house or even the Langstone. You would think Britain had never undertaken a civil engineering project of this nature before. To some companies this job would have been small fry and taken lot less time

10 Aug 2015

@Lynne Maybe the ones that voted Tory could atually stand in the middle of the road with their radar guns preferably in a narrow spot.

10 Aug 2015

@leatash I have also covered fatal RTCs as a recovery driver on a much busyier and faster road than the A379 namely the M62, so I fully understand your pointf view. However when it comes to car to car accidents I dont believe that speed is always the common denominator. Todays vehicles offer quite good human protection even at crash test speeds of 50 mph and providing the safety systems are not ...

10 Aug 2015

Good luck to Cornwall County Council for finding the money to install multiple average speed cameras, hope they install them in accordance with the DofT guidelines with adequate warning signs posted at the required distances etc. "Bet they dont". Stinks a bit of a cash cow to me and incidently isent there a requirement for an area covered by any type of fixed speed camera to have an identifiable ...

10 Aug 2015

@OurSoul So you condone the Police for putting the vigilanties lives at risk by having them stand by the roadside pointing cameras at members of the public Im quite sure the HSE would advise against such on a busy main road. They could also face private prosecution under the data protection act which covers the use of CCTV etc in public places, not to mention the EU human rights act amongst ...

10 Aug 2015

Vigilanties in action. Sad, Sad people with nothing better to do. Get a life people have work to do around here. Speeding through Starcross, now thats got to be a joke

@Woodcock The group concerned didnt look like just idiots and certainly werent kids. In fact given that at least half a dozen of them wore the same design of top would surgest they where members of a club, they also had what looked to be expensive cycles. Im certainly not going on a stake out mission, but do travel the same delivery route each Sunday so if I do come across them the camera ...

10 Jul 2015

There are a group of these lycra clad idiots that ride around the Tesco to Kingsteignton area of Newton Abbot early on Sunday mornings (car boot time ish) We have witnessed them bating car drivers into confrontation on more than one ocassion. They surrouned one elderly couple at the traffc lights just before the turning to Winners 2000 and if we hadnt arrived I dont know what they would have done ...

8 Jul 2015

The highways agency budget only covers motorways and major A roads. The comment refers to how much DCC and TDC have recently spent on roads and especially in the area covered by the said cycle path. When you talk about realality here is the truth a) TDC dont want anymore visitors hence the SANGS issues b) Most of the lycra loonies transport their cycles to the path by car thank god c) How ...

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