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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

Thanks Bob.

14 Dec 2017

Where is it “well documented” please? Is the £469 the final instalment of the £2000? It’s just that the numbers and accusations don’t make sense without the full story. Thanks Bob.

14 Dec 2017

What’s the full story Bob?

You’re correct Lynne, the Treaty Of Lisbon was indeed ratified by the elected UK parliament. As Burneside knows, Gordon Brown was unable to attend the public signing due to having to attend a select committee meeting in the House of Commons - which I would have thought that Burneside and his ilk would think takes priority, given that the sovereignty of the UK parliament is so important.

14 Dec 2017

How dare she want to uphold the principle of the UK parliament being sovereign!

14 Dec 2017

They won, I wish they’d get over it...

14 Dec 2017

The Daily Mail and Brexit supporters seem to be angry with the sovereignty of the UK Parliament...

13 Dec 2017

There are a couple of examples on this thread alone. I don’t want him banned, just for him to be reminded of the expectations you’ve set for respectfulness between forum posters. Margaret Swift is another one who I believe could do with a reminder, but she may be above reproach. Thanks.

12 Dec 2017

@DawlishNews (the same person as @Webmaster) has also disappeared.

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