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These councillors in Dawlish Central all got more votes As did these councillors in Dawlish SW Dawlish NE has a smaller electorate/ballot papers issued - and this is reflected in fewer seats - 4 in total. So 12 current councillors won more votes than ...

20 May 2017

I know it's just Clatworthy and Hockin. We have no idea whether the electorate see Cllr Wrigley as a popular mayor as we cannot vote for the Town Mayor. If he's not popular with over half of his co-councillors and how can he work with Hockin and Clatworthy? In practical terms that's important. If Mayoral posts were elected according to council votes cast in 2015, Cllr Wrigley would not have ...

20 May 2017

@Lynne , well if email 1 is to be believed then cllrs clatworthy and hockin will not attend dtc meetings. best ask Prowse, Clatworthy and Hockin I guess. I referred to this on 26 apr 2017 19:01 A town council meeting where the District and County councillors do not attend for whatever reason is dysfunctional and a waste of taxpayers money. And 26 Apr 2017 23:24 If too ...

@Paul i'd stay indoors if i were you.

This'll make a few feckless wonders yawn on here. @Likeablerat 's email trail was in reverse order and hard to follow so hopefully this reordering of their posting will make sense of it. i'm sure @Likeablerat will be happy it's resurrected. it's riddled with holes though. Email 1. On 10 Apr 2017, at 11:28, Cllr Rosalind Prowse <> ...

Graham Price
20 May 2017

@leatash you're right about Dawlish. Perhaps the town has the council it deserves.

20 May 2017

Nice one @Lynne 'Yawn' is the best you can do, I'm sure you'll get many 'agrees' too from those of a similar ilk. Take a nap if you're tired. Local politics in this town is so childish and tribal.

@FredBassett not disputing two of the adjectives but leftist?? And you really think the lib dems are planning a takeover?

Graham Price
20 May 2017

@Lynne my questions are for @Likeablerat I'd hope that the investigation finds the Councillor guilty of misconduct given what was written on the email and if it does in fact refer to the Pethericks. However I think it would be foolish if someone published the letters on prior to the investigation being concluded as it could undermine the Petherick's position. Currently they ...

19 May 2017

@Lynne no doubt, but I asked @Likeablerat how they came to have copies. There's a difference between having a copy and having sight of them. Plus if @Likeablerat is willing to post copies of the letters on then they must have electronic copies of those letters. Intriguing...

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