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@Gary Taylor the 'local' prefix is irrelevant. the issue is the word 'girl'. You could've just left it at 'Perhaps you've got a point' - but you choose to keep digging that hole... You just re-posted a Tweet that's all. So why identify so strongly with what a Cllr in Teignmouth posted on Twitter? Is it worth it? I'm not suggesting there was any malice behind using the word 'girl' but it ...

Clatworthy wins it
3 weeks ago

@Gary Taylor . Yes the data is interesting. It was extremely close between the Lib Dems and Tories in some areas, and poor Lib Dem results in Kingsteignton and Dawlish were largely cancelled out by other results in Newton Abbot North and Exminster  & Haldon which had more sizeable leads over the Tories.. It suggests tactical voting could swing it for a Lib Dem victory in Newton ...

The minister for women and inequalities in 2015 objected to it and rightly so. She wasn't happy being referred to as a 'girl'. Assuring me that your female candidate is happy being called a 'girl' is just digging a deeper hole. And I assure you it does her no favours. Would you call a male candidate who is the same age as candidate Chadwick a boy? And 'an expression of common ...

3 weeks ago

Local girl? Pretty patronising. Unless she's still at school. Reminds me of this:

@SickOfIt is my questioning of wrigley's candidacy what you're 'sick of'? you joined the site yesterday right? Interesting day, yesterday - the 5th of May. And all your posts to date relate to this one thread about the Mayor. You really need to look up the words 'vindictive' and 'psychotic'. I've written nothing hurtful and that isn't grounded in reality. You always have the ...

3 weeks ago

@SickOfIt the council chamber hardly functions cordially and I do not think Farron is leadership material. Why is that vindictive or trolling? What exactly do you object to?

Clatworthy wins it
3 weeks ago

@Gary Taylor to clarify i do not distinguish between the tories and the lib dems and labour anymore. In my view they are all neoliberal parties (including Labour which Corbyn cannot reform) that are in the pockets or the corporatocracy. It just so happens that locally and nationally the Lib Dems present themselves as the only viable opposition to the Tories - And because of the view ...

It is Westminster that needs to radically reform. Only then can we build a society that is socially, economically and environmentally progressive and fair. Brexit is just a vehicle for the right-wing agenda. Trade unionists and miners were the targets in the 1980s, now the targets are immigrants, asylum seekers and EU bureaucrats. But why not London bankers, rich CEOs and corrupt MPs? The ...

@Margaret Swift you're welcome.

'Business as usual' in the council chamber is the problem. Who wants to see a return to that? Fighting talk from the Lib Dems... Farron is like a political gladiator.

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