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Stark Ross
Angie W
Chelley 18
21 Apr 2017 07:08

Due to the resignation of two councillors (see there are now two vacancies to be filled.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in being on Dawlish town council then take

a look at and then scroll down until you see the heading ‘Other’. Then click on Casual Vacancy.

The official notice that you will find there gives you all the information you need. Note the deadline of 10th May 2017.     

10 May 2017 18:42

So now yet another councillor has resigned. = Total of 3. Anyone know the reason(s) why? Just curious.

If anyone's interested in filling this vacancy there is info in the latest Dawlish Gazette or alternativey contact the town clerk.

19 May 2017 10:29

Up to date info on these casual vacanices:


With regard to the 1x vacancy in Central ward and the 1x vacancy North East ward I understand from TDC that the requisite number of requests were received from 10 or more electors in each Ward to request that the vacancies be filled by way of a by-election.  Whether the vacancies will be filled by a poll will be based on the number of nominations received by TDC.


Nomination packs for the vacancies in Central and North East  will be available from Electoral Services, TDC, Monday, 22 May 2017.


A vacancy also exists in Dawlish South West Ward and electors have until 24 May to either email or write to the Returning Officer at TDC requesting that that vacancy be filled by election also.


A decision on a date for the election will be considered after the last deadline has passed for South West Ward and will be held within the required timescales.



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19 May 2017 14:34

Its another take over bid by the slimey, leftist, traitorous Lib Dems. Look what happened last time they had control. We had to have a parish poll to get rid of them.  

19 May 2017 16:16

Have now been told by TDC that 10 electors in South West ward have also called for a by election.

Elections will be held on Thursday 29 June to fill one vacancy on each of the three wards of Dawlish Town Council.  The Notice of Election will be published on Wednesday 24 May. Click on this link for the timetable for proceedings. 



19 May 2017 16:24

On the 2010/11 issue of the parish poll.

I can't remember the exact make up of the town council at that time but I believe it was comprised of of Lib Dems and Tories with the Tories in control.

Anyone know otherwise? 


20 May 2017 15:36

@FredBassett not disputing two of the adjectives but leftist?? And you really think the lib dems are planning a takeover?

05 Jun 2017 16:02

Okay, so........nominations have closed and ..........

there is only one nomination for Central Ward so that person is duly 'elected'.

But two nominations each in North East ward and South West ward which means there will be elections in those wards ( end of this month I think).

Click on these links for more info

05 Jun 2017 17:00

The 'Independents' candidate K. Hardy has been proposed by our 'not so Independent afterall' town councillor .A Foden.


I hope K. Hardy is truly Independent, Cllr Foden hasn't replied to me.

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