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Pete B

We really need to get behind events like this. It's not a rave, it's a local event which if given the chance could provide as much to Dawlish as GlasDenbury provides to Denbury :)

General Election
21 Apr 2017

If you vote Tory, unless you are very well off and already feathered your nest or you have been brainwashed by the right wing media mantra, you may as well be a turkey voting for Christmas.

20 Apr 2017

I hope your kids/ grandkids appreciate your vote when they have no NHS, workers or Human rights and national debt reaches a new high while corporate thieves and billionaire puppetmasters amass more wealth than ever can be imagined.

20 Apr 2017

Vote Tory and get a whole load of pain

lol It's a small local music event using local talent to raise money for a worthy local charity not Glastonbury. Also, I bet it will produce less noise  and problems than the carnival which is another event Dawlish can ill afford to lose. I'm looking forward to it and will be giving it my full support, especially considering there will be no Music Festival this year which promoted a lot of ...

Mobiles and driving
28 Feb 2017

Good, the proportion of bad drivers on the road is scary. I see so many driving on your side of the road, cutting corners or ignoring crossings and pedestrians it makes my eyes water

No memory lapse here... the tories deregulated the banks and now they are lining the pockets of their rich mates and themselves hence the ever increasing divide between the rich elite and the rest of us. eta... Tories have a history of cutting taxes for the rich, cutting services they don't need but can make lots of money out of... eg NHS privitisation, rail privitisation, cutting funds for ...

19 Jan 2017

.....and I guarantee an increase in flytipping But the rich keep getting richer and the Tories keep getting fatter but it's all the immigrants fault that we are in a deep hole of shit ... quel-feckin suprise

4 Dec 2016

Please do yourselves a favour and read up on addiction. It's not about choice. To exclude someone shelter due to addiction to drugs (including alcohol) shows a complete lack of understanding of addiction and an inhuman lack of empathy.

4 Dec 2016

Point proven ^^^ , thank you :)

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