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13 Feb 2017 13:18

found this on Eyes of Dawlish


so…….. We've all been busy little bees over the past few weeks, plotting, planning and organising! We all decided that Dawlish needed a massive boost, a lot of cheering up and something to look forward too! its with these thoughts in mind that I have the great pleasure in letting you all know That We have organised Snooky Fest!!!! and we are all ready and set to go on July the 15th 2017!!!! This is so exciting!!

Snooky Fest will take place at Warren Farm in Dawlish Warren with live music starting from 11am until 11pm. Our Line up so far is Reigning DaysMOSESEVENTINESeven CitiesNUMB live at The Three TunsDaturaOllie Stephens MusicJabbrockSarah Yeo - singer/songwriterTen Bob NotesThe bunny boilersWax Cylinder,Cloudi Bluebell and more to come! There will be so many lovely food stalls, so grab a seat and have a picnic there will be lots of entertainment & lots of surprises to come too!! there will be children's activities, the list of fun is endless!! we would all really love this to be a lovely day and evening for families to come and have fun. If there is anyone out there that would like to help out in any way, or if you would like a stall, can help with marshalling please get in touch with us as we would all be so grateful! Tickets are for sale NOW Via the website,uk or via our Facebook page, follow us on twitter for our latest updates!. Tickets if bought before 31.3.2017 are £13 per person Children under 11 are FREE! Please everyone be a part of it! The Snooky Trust Charity hopes this will be a yearly fundraising event!

I would really like to thank everyone who took part in the “Dawlish cant stop this feeling, Snooky Fest Video!” and to Tommy Rowe who works full time but videoed this in his spare time in the freezing cold, and didn't moan once! & to all of you that took time out of your busy schedules to be brave and dance in front of the camera! We all had so much fun creating this and it goes to show how wonderful Dawlish as a town really is, it isn't everywhere that you can walk up to complete strangers, burst in to peoples shops and ask them to dance! but that sums up Dawlish really! it’s a town where we all stand together and help one another. So Lets all have fun, create special memories, and dance as if we have a little bit of sunshine in our pockets! Love Caz,


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