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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

Let's hope our current councillors read this and take heed! The whole of the lawn area is so well used by families and individuals of all ages, why would we want to emulate other towns who have not got what we have? The lawn is precious but it's exactly that preciousness that some councillors object to and want to destroy.

Out at sea
17 May 2017

@Carer - perhaps you should have gone to specsavers! the areas I have been to are blighted by these hideous pieces of useless equipment and, no, I would not like to see our beautiful coast ruined by them.

16 May 2017

@ken better not to have them at all for the poor return in power they actually provide!

15 May 2017

OMG let's hope it isn't the dreaded wind farm, which has been the blight of the South East coast for years!! N

Gary Taylor
10 May 2017

Well, like others, I am astonished by the personal remarks made by the Webmaster, that is NOT their role. But, I have always had my suspicions about said Webmaster and his/her supposedly impartiality!!

@Indy Scot , thanks for your detailed reply, really helpful. i'll take a look at the information.

5 May 2017

Gary, this is an important issue.

4 May 2017

@Indy Scot can you tell us what prompted your post?

Let's  not get distracted here, Councillir Prowse needs to specify what the printed falsehoods were. Then we all have the facts and can take an informed view.

26 Apr 2017

I agree with Lynne, Councillor Prowse needs to justify her comments about falsehoods going out in print. Perhaps someone could email her and ask for clarification then let the rest of us know.

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