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Drunken behaviour
17 Aug 2016

When I ceased being a councillor I deleted everything linked to the role, being mindful of the data protection ACT.

17 Aug 2016

Love the idea of a no parking bollard, where can I buy one?

Drunken behaviour
17 Aug 2016

I don't have them any longer, put them in the electronic rubbish bin where they belonged!

The council did purchase 8 benches to go along the sea wall, King's Walk, in 2014. I know this as I was one of the councillors on the working group alongside Terry Lowther, Howard Almond and Micheal Clayson. Network Rail had agreed to the benches but after DTC  purchased them they then changed their minds on health and safety grounds. This made me laugh as I am from the generation who sat ...

New Play Park
16 Aug 2016

So.........we need to copy Teignmouth and Paignton. Why? Is aspiring to copy others aspirational? No! We need to be creative and provide something others don't offer because offering the same old same old on a reduced scale will NOT pull the punters from those two towns.

Drunken behaviour
16 Aug 2016

@monty , I have complained several times to tdc about the smokers outside the lansdowne and each time the smokers disappear for a while. the owners don't like it but tough. i am a non-smoker and really object at having to walk through clouds of smoke on my way home from shopping. keep complaining, the more the merrier.

16 Aug 2016

Oh here we go again! Read my post Mrs C, I did NOT say the report by the Mayor et al was responsible for the decision to return the license!! If you had a brain you really would be even more dangerous than you already are!! To spell it out for you..............the  report from the Mayor was a result of my querying why the Lansdowne got their license back!! Give me strength!!

16 Aug 2016

When I was a councillor I expressed dismay at them getting the late license back as many local residents had spoken to me about the issue. I raised this with the police representative in a council meeting at the time and he promised to investigate. The then Mayor and Deputy Mayor visited the pub and did a report for the council, saying what an important amenity it was for this end of town and it ...

The difference between Teignmouth and Dawlish is that even with a playpark and novelty golf Teignmouth still have a lot of green left for picnicking and kicking the ball around. They simply have much more space than we do in Dawlish.  As we saw this week, the fair took up most of the lawn area, which was fine and thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended, so the only space for families was behind ...

12 Aug 2016

Time will tell.

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