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I can't imagine for a nano second why my post has been reported as it was entirely unoffensive, merely stating a fact, an opinion and a question!  Then, I read Mrs Cs post at 21.51 and can only conclude she has been on the cooking sherry, again, as it is a totally bizarre post!

26 Jul 2016

Just come back to this thread today so don't know the content of the reported post but...........Mrs Cs description of the gutless wonders sums her up so I am not surprised that, yet again, another of her posts has been reported. Mrs C...........are you really so obtuse that you do not know why your posts are reported again, and, again, and, again?

Just trawel back through the various names of this poster and you will find ample evidence.

22 Jul 2016

He is not wrong, you did make vile accusations against the owners of RedRock cafe and when the backlash came you took your own post down. Further evidence of the coward you are. provided no evidence for your vile accusations, which is why you had to take he post down. Carry on deflecting! We could make this the next film in the franchise!!

22 Jul 2016

The posts were just vile, like the poster. Finally caught out with evidence that she is a liar and all she does is deflect! Just about sums her up. A coward as well as a liar.

22 Jul 2016

They were removed because they were personal vile attacks on an individual that went well beyond name calling. This isn't the first time this poster has had posts removed for vile attacks on individuals.

22 Jul 2016

@S capegoat, it was.

22 Jul 2016

Rockpool cafe was NOT burnt down by an arsonist, local or otherwise.

New Play Park
14 Jul 2016

The source I emailed tells me there is no covenant on the lawn area.

And did you know that the Big Weekend has cost us another £50,000 on top of the £100,000 already wasted because not enough people used the park and ride.?

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