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A questionable butterfly


Devon leisure
Julias Sachin
Diana Mondeo
Gary Taylor
12 May 2017

Well to anyone who feels I've done something wrong please @me a post so we can discuss. I gave a view, an opinion and what I felt was right. I stand by that. If at anypoint, by anyone Mr Taylor, Cllr that is, feel bullied by anyone, then I can certainly find more cases agaisnt Mr Taylor to show how he bullied others. Well Mr Taylor now seems to be more observant than I, watching and not ...

10 May 2017

@webmaster - and the two people thus so far have agreed. I was merely talking about the small group of those who particpate in conversation, so your answer is, I get these stats from my eyes and looking. It is great to see so many people come to, most for information and to find out about the town, not to read the rubbish and the politics that Mr Taylor happily displays ...

Country Park
9 May 2017

Anyone have inside pictures on whats happening here?

Gary Taylor
9 May 2017

Can I just say, I have refrained from posting for such a long time, because what's the point, quite frankly. Here on, is just a small community compared to the town, it's populations and those that have thoughts and opinions day in day out. Anyway more to the point, I don't blame or wish to point blame at anyone for having freedom of speech, beliefs, opinions, in any matter ...

State of the Lawn
28 Aug 2015

The people who benefit from it: The Fair Organisers, The People Taking The Booking Money, What's Left Of The Carnival, The Traders and Members of the Public who enjoy it. and your quite right @Carer out of those who actually puts time, money and the effort to upkeeping the lawn? i can only vouch for the fair doing that themselves, and i agree totally with you, would be nice if other ...

28 Aug 2015

@slargemail That is just the point exactly, the fair does bring in a much needed income and it brings entertainment whether we like it or not, it's one of the oldest forms of entertainment, rides might be bigger and "better" now but in "fair"ness it's apart of the town. I know from hand the fair people do spend money in the town, do dontate to local oragnisations and do pay to upkeep the ...

28 Aug 2015

The Lawn Always in a state after the carnival, airhow, fair etc, we can't blame just one party here, a marquee kills the grass, a plank of wood left for a week kills the grass, a vehicle kills the grass, a picnic mat left down all day can kill the grass.  So the point I'm trying to reach is we can't pinpoint this at one group. Rowlands Rowlands Fun Fair have always gone the extra mile ...

2016 take a look
28 Aug 2015

just found this on thier facebook @Carer - thedawlishregatta

They are pretty disgusting and have no character or in no way map our town to it's heritage or promote the town in anyway, but again do we blame the designer or the people who allowed it to be there in the first place!

The question is... Is this a publicity stunt to get votes for LibDem, if not why is it only LibDem that have beeb either a) approached or b) only ones in agreement. wouldn't the green party not support Mr Weeks too, or is this soley between LibDem and Mr Weeks only. Yes I agree it would be lovely to see Richards son "farm" the land, it would actually be lovely to see anyone "farm" that ...

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