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Carnival politics
14 Aug 2013

I just see shame after shame, Sir Force did nothing but offer support. Mr and Mrs Field did too and I know a handful of other people who offered there support and assistance and they were all rather quickly and forcefully turned away and told that their presence was not welcomed or needed. The week is not going the best and I have taken my little'un down on numerous occasions and it has been very ...

@EmmaJ your quite right. so who went to the carnival at ipplepen carnival from the dawlish committee? and who actually ran the raft race? can anyone confirm. it sound's so much to be a split committee of one group interested in dawlish and one in themselves. so let's get some facts flowing if anyone knows? and i agree we can overlook it and laugh at the situations but kids are not growing up with ...

Carnival politics
11 Aug 2013

@FredBassett i don't know who you are, that does not matter. but it's time to face some music. carnival was fun. people are not having a good time. but you are right its different from the norm for sure, it's an epic shamble from the norm. i know exactly what you mean when you say "who really cares about who said this who said that" i know for one that no matter what people say to the current ...

@Carer hit the nail on the head at the start. woolworth going out of buisness killed the best part of the town. however looking forward to a future if we are to have a future i thing we would benefit highly from just a couple of well known branded shops. i don't think wool shops ever did will on trade as before we had "busy bobins", "paulas" and a shop where the monky house is now. However ...

Disapointed Kids EmmaJ? I totally understand but I was a disapointed Adult too. That was an appauling evening. If it says 6.30 then you ecpect it to be either still happening or not quite started. We were all disapointed we watch it from my Mother and Father In Laws house on marine parade each year, though now living in our own house with two kids we decided to push them down to watch to find ...

Carnival politics
11 Aug 2013

Firstly we know Ian Birdsey made some cock ups, but I don't believe he caused harm in regards to funds, I think he just had to many ideas about how to boost his buissness which eneded up biting him on the back side. Yea they always seemed to help charities and other good causes and don't get me wrong, they possibly still do now, but I think they take the "charity starts at home" thing a little to ...

Carnival Gate
10 Aug 2013

Let's be "Fair" about this. No one can knock Mr Rowland, he is a buisnessman and has done much good for the Town over the years, from helping the costs of the Bowling Green, repairing the lawn on numerous occasions and donating many items for local charities and groups. He is not to blame in all this, and I say that if he can bring that many rides down (which for a "carnival" week is way too many) ...

Carnival politics
10 Aug 2013

I have lived in Dawlish for the 35 years of my life so far, and well have to say something about this as it is a disgrace, a shamble and a disgust. We all know that through the years one person or another on the Carnival has been up to no good, be it money swindling, buisness gain or personal publicity of importance. What ever the reason is, all Committee's have there problems, but this is ...

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