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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

Flo and Lynne, how do you have time to write from two accounts?

Anne Marie Morris
13 Jul 2017

Well look at this, someone who does not live in Dawlish, all of a sudden becomes the talk of the Town...again. This goes to prove we are to interested in the polictics and not what goes on in our sleepy town? You know what annoys me, and no one will ever be right, or agree with one another. But it's ok for once race to use a word but not us. We are not even allowed to use the word to describe the ...

Teignbridge own the land and the car park, no reason for them not to charge. I agree it would be lovely if the money from these carparks go towards the Health Centre and Hospital, but that won't happen.

@Lynne - can you not let know dawlish town council or a tdc councillor in dawlish know, for an update? what does @flo have to do it? Who organised the campaign in the first place?

23 Jun 2017

Well I still think the manor should be looked at and made into a better use of space and security. Or look at re-developing tucks plot.

I would also go with Dan Cook, highly recommended.

@Andrew - funny enough i just looked at that photo just after i sent my last message. i guess you must be right, and hit the nail is what i'd say you've done. its surely no difference with a police officer for example, he would be required to take his uniform of when not at work? perhaps cllr wrigley is always at work, great if he is, but surely he needs to earn a keep outside of council life.

7 Jun 2017

out of interest what policitcal party, if your happy to disclose, do you actually support yourself @Lynne ?

7 Jun 2017

@Andrew - well who knows, might as well be, seems to know plenty about the councillors, and seems to address them very happily as friends. we shall never know that truth.

7 Jun 2017

I tend to quite agree, other than in the past many Mayors will take thier chains of until at a location of interest, whereas Cllr Wrigley tends to wear it in elegance and style wherever he goes. :D

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